Week of April 4-8


MONDAY – Homelink 8.1
TUESDAY – Homelink 8.2
WEDNESDAY – Homelink 8.3


FRIDAY – No Homework


Try to make acquisition in 10-15 minutes of interpretation each night.


Unit 4 – Review Week

No Spelling Words this week


Wednesday, April 6th

Early Release Day
Dismissal at Noon

Friday, April 8th

UNE’s Annual Brain, Body, and Wellness Fair

The Brain Fair:

We be in possession of lined up numerous exhibits and activities, lengthwise with special guests, to highlight to what extent amazing the human nervous system is, and for what cause it is so important to protect it. We have activities geared towards canaille of all ages from young children to older adults, including a globe class human brain exhibit, various sturdy activities including skating, team sports and powerlifting demonstrations, brain crafts, etc. 

Opioid Forum:

There decision be a diverse group of nation who have expertise in the areas of opioid pharmacology, unsalable article abuse prevention strategies, treatment of estate use disorders, law enforcement, school councilors and other community leaders. They will each provide updates in successi~ steps being taken to prevent and bring to poverty the impact of opioid abuse, addiction and diversion of prescription opioids/heroin/fentanyl. There desire be plenty of time for not high discussion with the audience participants. This tribunal is geared towards high school students, young adults, parents, and other concerned citizens.

The Neuroscience of Learning:

We are hosting a e~ guest who is a professor and scientist at the University of California and Stanford University. The flyer talks round her research and the implications because teaching and education. This talk by Q&A is geared towards teachers and other educators, together with parents interested in the topic.


Monday, April 11th

Wear ORANGE instead of Autism Awareness

Friday, April 15th

                 No School                  First light of ~ of Spring Break

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