Week 4: Medicine, Technology and Art

It’s pleasing to find that medicine and deceit could relate so closely together and not past nor future a new sight of viewing human bodies with the advanced technology. Most of men may heard of the “material substance worlds” which is one of the greatest number popular exhibitions using plastination technique to keep sound body and body parts. The “Body Worlds” museum has opened in Berlin put ~ 2015, and the aim of this museum is to manifest the complexity of human body, moreover also its vulnerability. In the museum, bodies are kept in positions representative of living people that resonated visitors with retreating their bodies.

Body Worlds in Berlin

Nowadays, considered in the state of the relation among art, science and technology getting closer, many medical schools also changed their composition to select ideal candidates from dangerous thinking in sciences (left brain) to creative skills in belleslettres (right brain) type. Dr. Salvator Mangione, a master of marked by knowledge of art expression and physical diagnosis feels that so artistic and visual skills may augment the ability of a student to outrival in medical school and become a felicitous physician in practice. We could perceive many art applications in biochemistry, pharmacology, structural plan and science-related material; and the artists who went to sanatory school not only for the doctrine, but also for the visual symmetry of the field. 

 Portrait derived from one anatomical drawing of the facial composition of a cadaver superimposed on ~y ancient greek sculpture by 18th centenary French anatomist Jean-Galbert Salvage

Anatomical Drawing

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I was surprised ~ means of the truth that plastic surgery and accession procedures we see today were before that time used back in the early 1800s. Surgeons ~le to perform skin grafts and rhinoplasty to improve the turn the thoughts of people wounded during world wars. As technology progress, the converse shows a dramatic growth and challenge for cosmetic surgeries. Patients rely put ~ this technique to fix their weaknesses without ceasing appearance and get prefect of the total body. When I saw the video of Orlan, I was scared through the procedure of cosmetic surgery. She makes practice of plastic surgery as a lot of her art to transform her put a ~ and body to challenge beauty standards. “My goal was to be different, strong; to sculpt my be in possession of body to reinvent the self. It’s everything about being different and creating a jar with society because of that. I tried to practice surgery not to better myself or adorn a younger version of myself yet to work on the concept of likeness and surgery the other way right and left. I was the first artist to bring about it,” she said with lofty self-respect.

Orlan-The french Performance Artist who used the easily moulded surgery to challenge

 beauty standards


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