Another month has get to to end already? This year has in truth been flying by! March has been any other busy month, both academically and through extra-curricular activities. The time spent on school has been mostly dedicated to studying for the shelf exam. Beginning to study in spite of the exam was a little daunting, making allowance for the sheer amount of information we had to re-examination. I was a little disappointed in my slack term memory too – there were a wonderful amount drugs from the first semester that I only remembered. After I got my studying organized, the ledge preparation wasn’t actually too baleful. It was actually kind of orderly to see how much I’ve well-informed over the past year. With honorable one test left, I’m getting very close to being a master of pharmacology.

SciHigh has been going well quiet too. The past couple weeks I’ve had reduced involvement directly to the students taking some standardized tests for example well as I was preparing by reason of the shelf exam. Even though it’s singly been a couple weeks, I really miss going in to help wanting with the kids. I’m excited to procreate back into the swing of things with the students.

The Tulane cycling team has been gayety as well. While I didn’t procure, I had a lot of gayety in my last race and in like manner won $25 for my placing! We should subsist having a few more races approach up soon, so I hope my exploit can continue to improve. 

I astonishment if anyone can figure out where these were taken?

They set up a syndicated seat so that when you create a gun of content it goes automatically to ALL of your festive media sites, simultaneously.

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