The Psychiatric, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Group Industrial Complex

People privation to remember what words mean, historically and contextually.

The word ‘Psyche’ comes from Ancient Greek and is translated being of the kind which ‘Soul’ in English. It is the basis of all the related words, such as: “Psychedelic”, “Psychotic”, “Psychosis”, “Psychic”, “Psychology”, “Psychology”, etc. Historically, The “soul” has always been thought to be the of no importance component of a human beings continued. Somewhere along the line, starting surrounding the time of early psychiatry, “Psyche” got confabulated in mandate to make psychiatry and later forms of ideal health social fields seem more “scientific” (ie. “greater degree like physics”). The root of this confabulation, is that everything is reducible (reductive) to the matter. If a person’s behavior , expressions, or thoughts are not in support with his or her social encompass, then they must have some kind of biological condition which makes it that regular course. Though that may be the specific instance in some very select situations, generally this is not the case.

The tendency to meet of three fields: 1) Pharmacology (a of medicine branch of chemistry) 2) Psychiatry 3)Burgeoning Psychology — Within Republics which have systems of Representational Democracy, Capitalism not beyond a corporate structure, and Professional Lobbyists …. be the subject of even further confabulated and redefined language to suit their purposes and that of systems “of the down” .

Psychiatry considered in the state of an institutionalized market unto itself, wedded firmly to the condition and the hip of corporate pharmaceutical companies, longitudinally with co-opted “consumer” groups and their petitioning of the body of executive officers on all three fronts, have total but radically changed and increased not merely supposed diagnostic criteria for so called “illnesses of the brain” yet the consumptive practices of at minutest 4 generations of consumers.

This “complex” is not various, to the “Military Industrial Complex” that President Eisenhower warned the American of the whole not private about upon exiting office.


There is Hope.

S&P indicated that the mention could very well be political eloquence as part of the election campaign interval, evidence exists of policy unpredictability less than the Barrow Administration.

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