The Drugonomics of Peak Experience Come from Las Vegas

Death Culture/Flesh Culture is predicated up~ the body peak experience

Las Vegas is a holistic archetype of what can be done in conditions of marketing this kind of economic organization, at least where “vice” is concerned.  Your iniquity is my catharsis although it should subsist said that implicit in Vegas are a set of assumptions dating from a 20th hundred paradigm of consumer behavior and indeed, the kind of constitutes public interest.  The imitation should be emulated, just not in it’s totality.

Native reservations are perfect as consideration zero for environmental-eco engineering at the same time that larger centers are ideal for experimenting with the social instruments that allow with regard to developing a casino model of psycho-pharmacology that is to say, getting people early, catering to them while they are exalted and for what it’s cost, using the profits from this to propagate social goods…

work in progress

Aspirin can inhibit the activation of NF-κB in PBMCs induced by TNF-αin the acute degree of KD, and aspirin can too inhibit the expression of IL-8 through the same pathway.

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