UCSA Faculty of Medicine

This is our corporation study plan for 5 years. Our study hypothesis is based on integrated system which is we have to study the basic subjects for the time of 1st year such as basic dissection, basic physiology, basic pathology, biochemistry, food, genetics, immunology, microbiology, psychology, pharmacology, and the world health and research method.

In 2nd year, we elect study all the system in our corpse-anatomy, physiology, pathology. The professional exam force of ~ be held after end of semester exam to abate the student to get into the clinical year.

In clinical year during 3rd year-5th year, the study time direction most in hospital. I cannot pronounce much about clinical year until I’ve qualified it myself.

Maybe other medical students from other medschools would decide that integrated system is not efficacious and so on, but for me, it is well-organised on this account that we learn the basic things first before go into systems. Umm, perhaps it based on personal opinion al~.

That’s all for this set. Thank you for reading.

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