SGU Curriculum Changes for Fall 2016

Word of notification to the incoming August 2016 rank. Most advice, blogs, tips for academics including ruin will likely no longer be pertinent.

SGU is making what I’d reflect upon a huge change to the curriculum. Feel free to read my christen 1 summary for non-academic word but basically the changes are outlined to the degree that follows:

Curriculum Change


Term 1

Anatomy 8 credits

Biochemistry 9 (integrates genetics and nutrition)

Old: Anat 8, Biochem 5, Histo 4

Term 2

Neuroanatomy 8 (integrates behavioral sciences)

Physiology 6

Histology 4

Old: Neuro 5, Physio 6, Genetics/Immuno (moiety courses each) 2 each, Bioethics/Immuno toward first 2 weeks of term – 1 cr

Term 3 – 6 weeks (summer expression)

Micro I  (integrates immuno) – 3

Bioethics, CPM, Law, Stats – 5

Old: Behavioral Sciences 6

Term 4

Micro II (integrates immuno)

Pathology 13


Old: Path 13, Micro 6, CPD (clinical skills 1) 3

Term 5

Pathophysiology 11

Pharmacology 6



Old: Pathophys 12, Pharm 6, BSFCR (basic sciences integration/~al small groups) 2 , ICM (clinical skills 2) 3 cr

*unvaried other than credit values*

Other notes: transition to system based instead of in the direction of a line. The total course work will exist the same number of credits taken in the character of originally, redistributed differently across terms.

If that step nothing to you, I believe credit worth of basic sciences remain the same boundary the structure and distribution of the credits bear changed. Also, don’t take this in the same proportion that any official listing, I am not involved through any of these changes. This was solely relayed to us at a class meeting and by no means fare I believe that these are finalized changes both. The curriculum will change to systems based that reflects how most US schools are and in that place are pros and cons to the couple the new curriculum and the common that was in place for us end there’s no need to deliberate it. Hopefully it works out during the term of the new class but the the government is willing to listen because most of these changes were what our class had wanted at some point or not the same throughout the last 2 years.

Again on the supposition that you want more term 1 peace, click here

Consume small or no trans fat — no over brace g or 1 percent of the daily calories.

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