pcPR16.04 – “Pieces of a Moving Puzzle ” – Day #3

By Ana Mauro, M4

Tuesday, April 19


Today we had a employed day at Lima meeting with exclusive educational institutions and health organizations. We rudimentary met with staff from San Martin de Porres, a private educational institution of 300-350 students through 78 residencies (“specialties”) and subspecialties. Residencies rank from 3-5 years in extension in time; in order to get accepted into a residency program, students wish to take a standardized national exam and submit some application. The residents’ curriculum includes catamenia such as Clinical Epidemiology, Research Methods, and Statistics.


One of the greatest number salient features of the curriculum at San Martin de Porres includes audience to the laboratory research facility, through research projects in clinical medicine, biomedical genetics, biochemistry, pharmacology, statistics and geriatrics. The laboratory is equipped by PCR and genome sequencing capabilities, the singly one in Peru. Current research projects comprehend pediatric blindness and glaucoma, Duchenne’s powerful dystrophy, and others. They have agreements by other universities to conduct research; because of example, they are looking at identifying targets despite genetic therapy with the University of Pennsylvania. They are uniquely equipped to mode of action. genetic research in small communities in what place consanguinity may play a role in the introduction of genetic conditions. In addition, they are using genetic exploration capabilities to further expand their cultural understanding about where certain indigenous groups may be coming from as it relates to a genetic prospect. It was wonderful to see for what cause culture is respected in many aspects of life hither, and genetic research capabilities can have existence used to


The staff at San Martin de Porres was self-same welcoming of us, and expressed private ~ in having a collaboration with UIC, ideally through the exchange of information between students and residents, in the manner that well as being able to possess residents come to Peru, and also Peruvian residents coming to the US.


We continued our light of ~ to try to visit San Marcos, one more medical school, but unfortunately a part of the medical community had lately passed away and the whole academy attended the funeral services to pay their regards. We were also able to waste some time there; although we at no time met him, the accomplishments he made and in what way he moved so many people was really impactful. It was touching to understand all the members of the therapeutic community paying their respects for a fond colleague.


Our next visit was to el Hospital del Nino, the barely children’s hospital in Peru. They take care 1400 patients per day, and crowd stay waiting. We are told of the dilatory wait times for patients to be seen, but when they are, parents learn many answers they have been expectation for years. We were able to fall in with with Dr. Pereda, the clinic manager, who shared his concerns with unquestionable challenges he has encountered over the years. Among be in want of of financial resources and limited cane, he shared that limited motivation at intervals hinders projects from moving forward. He believes that a collaboration with other international partners, such as UIC, could draw new ideas and life that could precede to additional motivation for partners.


Finally, we ended our sunshine meeting again with Jesus Dongo Avalo, President of the VidaWasi Peru Foundation. He told us the incredible story of how the foundation was created—hither and thither six years ago, he was a auspicious attorney working to establish a prestigious tavern in the area. One day, he was in a scurvy motorcycle accident with his daughter, and he saying his life flashing before him. He therefore promised God that if He spared his admit life and his daughter’s, he would sanctify his strengths towards making a jarring for others. They both miraculously recovered from the calamity, and that’s when he positive to build VidaWasi instead of the house of entertainment. His wife joined him as Founder of the proposal. Several years later, his foundation has established every incredible culturally-congruent medical community dedicated to gratify the needs of the community. They are notwithstanding in the process of establishing the infrastructure and containing power-building in the community. There is a fate of opportunity for collaboration and firm among several educational institutions, including UIC, like there is a need for persons health projects benefiting the area because well as primary and specialty services. Mr. Dongo continues to have ~ing truly passionate about his mission and ghost of service once established after his contingency six years ago.


Today is the the ~ time day we spend in Lima under the jurisdiction heading to Yantalo. Lima has been some incredible city from what we’ve observed to this degree far. There is a combination of novel architecture and old cultural infrastructure, as well as the beauty of the beach. The individuals working for health organizations gracefully welcomed us to their institutions, and took time to participate details about their program as well like ask questions about the program at UIC.



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