#NarcoBloc Relationships (private, personal, public and back again)

Flesh of the Gods:

slip on’t take (drugs) solely for the visions
you desire get hurt

in the same genius, people mistake crisis for peak actual observation although catharsis is eventually impossible to see through as anything but

Drugs are a Commodity And All Commodities are Experiential
-still, drugs enslave your physiology in a direction of motion that most other consumer items end not which means the psycho-pharmacology of meth is not the identical for a BMW, although both products could have ~ing classified as “speed” in one faculty of perception or another.

If Drugs are a Commodity:
-the edifice of the relationship between buying, selling, consuming, felon to market along with supply and claim can influence or indeed determine, the gracious of experience you have or in more cases (depending on where you live), the orientation of your life.

A Casino Model mixes the special, personal and public, attempting to propitious alternatives in the business model of underworld communication (not just narcotics) for the account of generalized post-traumatic stress as well as personal economic interest and persistency of transferable skills.

Just rough notes, really…

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