Model Questions for Pharmacology


Model Questions conducive to Pharmaceutical Microbiology (Food Microbiology)

What are the sources of impurities in pharmaceutical products

Explain the “bioassay” linking with the drug discovery process. 

Highlight around the spoilage of pharmaceutical raw materials. 

What is dispensatory and monograph development? Highlight about it in the words immediately preceding of Nepal.

Mention some quality persuasion and management practices for pharmaceutical products

Describe maintenance methods of pharmaceutical products

What are the factors affecting microbial spoilage of pharmaceutical products? How the humidity is crucial for it? 

What are the biological indicators of sterilization? Explain ~ one two of them. 

Explain more methods of testing for the neighborhood of antibiotics in meat. 

Explain more in vitro assays that are available in drug discovery. 

What are the routes of drug administration?

What is pharmacodynamics? Explain by paracetamol (acetaminophen).

What are the potency and efficacy of drug? Explain with examples.

What is therapeutic index? Explain and depict the graph for warfarin.

How be able to we select a molecule to have ~ing taken as a medicine? Explain some theoretical aspects. 

What are the components of Augmentin? Explain the manner of action of Augmentin

What are the criteria to choose the antibiotics as the drug of valuable? 

Enlist some biological sources and the antibiotics extracted/isolated from them. 

What are super-bugs? “Overuse of antibiotics may create super-bugs.” Explain the specification.

Describe the MIC and MBC. Explain some methods of searching new antibacterials.

There are some side-effects to using this tract such as skin irritation where you deposit the patch.

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