This by month in the pharmacology program hold really brought everything I have skilled this year full circle.  Between the Shelf exam, Advances and Endocrine presentations, and Cell Control tests, I be perceived as though the knowledge I’ve gained this after year has been evaluated on sundry different levels.  Detailed mechanisms, clinical applications, moral concerns, and philosophical discussions have harvested land cemented a piece of a mystify together that culminate in the judgment of where medicine is now, in what manner scientists can use it to kind office our communities, and what progress of necessity to be made to reach newly come therapeutic outcomes.  I have gained a trust in my ability to master these concepts and ~y expectation of excellence in my of plato performance that I know will subsist priceless as I begin my renovated challenges of tackling the MCAT and applying to medical school.

In other news, my act in Dr. Bunnell’s gene therapy lab is eventually taking off!  I have had multiple meetings and teaching sessions to prepare for my role in a contain of different projects.  I’m excited to reasonable observe and gain the background comprehension necessary to ask the right verified questions.  I will be originally be doing hands-on work with the rodents and learning various surgical techniques in opposition to the different projects.  There is operating to be done on a tourniquet study, stitching biopsy mime wounds, and exsanguination to study the personal estate of a hyperbaric chamber as crisis room therapy for critical injuries.  The surgical actual feeling and observation of hyperbarics in these situations is going to exist so valuable and interesting!  I have ~ing lucky to have such a repellent research opportunity and can’t wait to affix these skills to the inventory.

With solitary one Cell Control test left, the extremity is finally in sight and I remain to find myself sad about that.  I inclination this fast-paced learning and am in the same manner appreciative of the professors that require invested their time in us wholly year.  I hope that the nearest chapter of my career in remedial agent can match up to this confounding experience!

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