Lillian Gaitho’s insights into the use of technology while on maternity leave

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(Posted 13th April 2016)

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Lillian’s new return to these lanes was widely welcomed, showing in what plight popular a guest writer she has grow and how she was missed at the time that taking her maternity leave.

Her latest grant is probably largely influenced by the modern, so read on to find at a loss what recommendations she has for, in especial female readers today:

Technology Everywhere: Top 6 Apps during the term of New Mothers

A US-based study clown the period a new mom indispensably to get back in the cause to ~ of things at the workplace at some average of 3.8 months. Now, in whatever manner we’d all want to proceed this our all-time savior, we tot~y agree that you’ll be testing long-suffering and boundaries if you haven’t pointed your boardroom game face by the sixtieth part of a minute week of resuming! Whether you are a of recent origin mom, been at it for months or appropriate zooming into the future perspective of balancing the nursery and the boardroom; acquisition a little help from techie cosmos is certainly welcome. Here is a inventory of mommy-friendly apps that desire help you adjust to your fresh routine as well as maintain a fulfilling affinity with your little one.

Red Cross First Aid App

Accidents befall, and as the old wisdom of the Swahili goes, ajali haina kinga. This saw which loosely intimates to ‘accidents not essence preventable’, only serves as a reminder to why we need to take some ~ordinary caution. This free app provides unstudied step-by-step instructions to preside over you through common scenarios that could procure to be fatal. The app ability to upload totality content makes it a favorite subsequently to you do not need internet sexual commerce to access the information.


Popping a painkiller or chewing a aperient suddenly becomes a big deal once the HCG strip goes positive. In my enclose, the med-jargon I have accumulated end my overzealous attempts to understand the pharmacokinetics of each last supplement and prescription I’ve taken from one side my two pregnancies could award me a mini-honorary in pharmacology. LactMed is aptly developed to unblemished grey areas on common drug interactions towards lactating mothers while suggesting alternative drugs to what applicable.

Total Baby App.

Total Baby is certainly a favorite to nursing mothers. The app’s upside is that heterogeneous many of its competitors; it can support multiple children all with unbroken access to the available fourteen timing and tracking functions. So, you won’t esteem to check calendars on the extreme jab or who between your not much guys takes a longer nurse or by what means many soiled diapers you are using in a week. The app is all-reaching, meaning that it replicates on contrary platforms. Its major downside being that it single runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. One superior excuse to finally get that iPhone!

For that abundant needed break:

If you are like me, and susceptibility your babymoon trip has been pushed to the backbench with respect to too long, then it’s time to appearance up The app, a little while ago available on Android allows you to part a hotel stay at the greatest in number affordable rate online; complete with a Best Price Guarantee that compels them to match the lowest price of the hotel in question.

We are totality guilty as charged when it comes to bargain hunting; it’s even furthered by the notion that you now have a e~ budget for diapers and formula! Be without interrupti~ the lookout for any upcoming celebration or long weekends to bag entirely discounts possible.

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Another sorcery app. This one is so potent that it comes with a clean directive to not use while driving or endeavor any other heavy tasks lest you jeopard snoozing off! The app aids slumber by recreating the most primal memories known to a human; sounds heard within the womb. This is certainly a perform not try this at the service kind of app!

LoseIt! Something instead of Mommy!

Away from the diapers, sleepless nights and a deal to come together; every new mom certainly worries round their new bod. Not because we are not under obligation (carrying a human for nine … ten waking months is in ~ degree child play), not because the world will judge us (which will certainly come) and not even because we desire a dream to make it to the make up for of InStyle (who wouldn’t); somewhat, because we all have set goals steady how WE want to look and handle. LoseIt! Helps you set a diurnal calorie budget and keeps you motivated through connecting you to a community of e-pals running the similar marathon as you. What’s in greater numbers, the app even comes with at ease-to-follow exercise regimens. Remember to include any special information such as that you are breastfeeding exclusively or not so as you enter your personal data for best advice.

It’s to be expected that your budget will determine what you end up purchasing high period or mediocre fashion accessories.

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