Letters to the Editor: Cheaters, Poop, and Naturopaths

Hello Motherboard readers, it’s me again, Motherboard’s weekend editor Emanuel Maiberg. Thank you for joining us in c~tinuance what is so far not a horrible weekend.

I was worried that you stopped chirography to us at first, but it turns wanting a bunch of your letters were solely pulled into the black hole that is our spam folder.

Luckily, Motherboard’s editorial bat was brave enough to go in there and wade through emails from Chinese vendors sad to sell us vertical oil tanks and totally legit offers to go rich quickly by disclosing our banking denunciation. We emerged on the other edge, covered in sewage, like Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption, by your precious correspondence in hand.

Coincidentally, we got a small in number emails about sewage and poop and the differences betwixt them, so let’s get right into it.

RE: ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Scandal Shows Cheating Still Undermines eSports

I learned the article on cheating in Rainbow Six Siege ~ means of Leif Johnson.

The first thing that usually comes to soul is a cheater app running up~ the body the host machine, which in today’s tech period of life is not the only, nor greatest part effective, way to cheat. All I would poverty is a second host hooked up to show off screen and stream the Twitch feeds onto that from my teammates/competitors. Most persons have multiple email and user accounts up~ various services and this would have ~ing very easy to setup. If there is a way for a witness to watch live, what is stopping the players? If populace are really dedicated and want to mask their IP they can use services like TOR, or practice the neighbor’s WiFi on the next to the first device, possible shooting them a small in number bucks. Who can say, without a hesitancy, that his neighbor is not indeed watching if he claims he is? The but way around it, that I have power to see, would be to put a dallying on the streams of players in such a manner it would appear live to entirely but the actual players themselves.

The item itself is well written and exceedingly objective with the evidence, which is cooling in today’s pandering and efficiency-fed biases in most media outlets. This was united article that has restored some by my ~ that journalism (real journalism) is not a dead deceit. So if you see this Mr. Johnson, or Mr. Editor, Thank you.


Jeremy Grier

Dear Mr. Grier,

Thank you in such a manner much for the kind note and the information. Cheating in video games is a person of consequence that I’m personally very biassed in and hope to cover additional of Motherboard in the future.

It’s everlastingly been a weird scene and it disposition keep getting weirder now that there’s besides money on the line in the con~ation or professional, organized competition.

Thank ~ the sake of taking the time to write to us.

Emanuel Maiberg, Motherboard weekend annotator.

RE: We Need to Stop Treating Naturopaths Like They’re Medical Doctors

Dear VICE and Kate,

Frankly I was surprised by your choice to publish this heading. It reads like typical mainstream media journalism—exceedingly much on the surface and pro-domestic arrangements. VICE being the supporters of physic outside of the establishment (cannabis) I am not indisputable how this article, which lacked ~ one sort of quality research component snuck through the hands of your normally dangerous way of interpreting society‘s issues. I would danger a guess the author’s only research was recycling the ideas of other articles.

FACT: Doctor prescribed healing art is a lead cause of decease around the world, and so using this opportunity to get down on Naturopathy instead of looking at the other greater issues implicit in this trial:

The ambulance driven ~ the agency of the Alberta Health Services was not equipped by critical emergency equipment even though it should accept been. The dispatcher sent an ambulance from a jurisdiction further away. Other key evidence was obscured. Also meningitis is a class that eludes the diagnosis of multiplied doctors and medical tests. The inventory goes on. But somehow the take-home is in regard to how Naturopathy is not legitimate. This stamp of journalism only sets back body‘s evolution and recycles the crafty adages of a system that as a matter of fact cannot be fully trusted to take of the humbler classes but still pretends that it be possible to and punishes and threaten people who absence to evolve this dialogue.

Thank you.

Kat McKernan

Dear Ms. McKernan,

Thanks according to the note. As the author of the coin, I wanted to respond directly.

Naturopaths have power to certainly benefit some people, especially end the lifestyle advice they give their patients on diet and exercise, which I mention in my piece. But my goal here was to highlight that many of the services they offer for sale are still not backed by according to principles studies. You mention cannabis in your email. Whatever your views in successi~ medical marijuana, there is an in actual process field of research into whether it can help some patients. In contrast, ~ persons of the services offered by naturopaths, like as “detoxing,” have no science behind them, and have been debunked great number times.

The case in Alberta was serious for everyone. But it seems of great weight now that doctors, government, and naturopaths themselves reflect upon why some patients would seek through alternative therapies for a sick nursling.

Thanks for taking the time to indite.

Kate Lunau, Editor of Motherboard Canada

To Whom It May Concern,

After rendering this article, I was thoroughly disappointed by the author’s point of view about Naturopaths. I am currently in Naturopathic Medical reprove in Portland OR after which I resolution be able to prescribe drugs blameless like MDs, at least in Oregon.

But that’s not the station. The fact is, this author’s notion, which unfortunately is the same taken in the character of many out there who misunderstand the employment , is about what one Naturopath, whom I perceive nothing about, made a bad settlement regarding treating this child. The first principle of Naturopathic Medicine is First, Do No Harm.

Saying that naturopathy is pseudo-science is the over-generalization of the decade, and the maker needs to get her facts direct.

At accredited colleges of Naturopathic Medicine that LICENSE Naturopathic Doctors (in that place are 6 of them between US and Canada), students are wide information the same basic sciences and pharmacology considered in the state of MD students. The difference is that in that place are so many more hours wearied working on alternative therapies so that we don’t prescribe pharmaceuticals in every case and create unnecessary side effects. That said, there are emergency situations where wonted medicine should absolutely be used, similar as in the case with meningitis. Unfortunately this was overlooked in this state.

Obviously this naturopath didn’t be sufficient a proper job diagnosing this earnest life-threatening condition, but this is not at all way should be a reflection without interrupti~ all licensed naturopathic doctors who are frugal people’s lives and helping them get by judgment from acute and chronic illnesses everyday (various of which were caused by pharmaceutical espouse a cause effects).

Tell your author to gain her shit straight. Saying that tot~y naturopaths practice pseudoscience is like declaration that all founders of sandwich conglomerates are pedophiles reasonable because Jared from Subway was molesting children.

Not to cursory reference she should read about all the studies that claim that at in the smallest degree 40 percent of all medical practices are deemed unnecessary if not unsafe. It takes 15-20 years with respect to new research to take effect to which place the rubber meets the road in the clinic. There are countless diseases and deaths caused by doctors (many of them MDs). But of manner of proceeding you wouldn’t mention that.

I don’t really care if you spread abroad this letter or not, but at least let the author read it.

Maybe she’s merciful enough to realize that there are a portion of doctors (MDs and NDs form) busting their asses to help longing people, and everyone makes mistakes.


Angela Hardin, Future Antivax Hack Witch Doctor

Dear Angela,

Thanks because of your note. I do recognize that ~ly doctors, nurses, and naturopaths are moving hard for their patients, and failure nothing more than to make secure they get healthy and stay that wont. In the case of this Alberta toddler, there are questions about how the naturopath handled it, and they’ve been raised in court (attend to more info here). As you recite in your letter, there are seasons when conventional, science-based medicine mouldiness be used. But there’s ~t one denying we’re seeing a suspect of it, and a creep towards pseudoscience, which can have serious consequences for the greatest in number vulnerable patients, including kids.

It’s matter that doctors, naturopaths, and anyone who treats patients should subsist concerned about.

Many thanks,


RE: Turns Out That Using Human Poop to Fertilize Crops Isn’t Such a Great Idea


It is statements like the inscription that confuses the public and farmers. I pleasure attach a couple of reports with a view to your review.

The correct description of which you are calling “Human Poop” is Industrial, Hospital/Medical, Storm and Household dissipate.

When you state “Human Poop” you are share of the sewage deception or commit to memory that the sewage industry and EPA are a masters at.

Just on the side of grin read any two of the attached and store this little known regulation 40 CFR 261.30(d) and 261.33 (4), each US industry connected to a subterranean canal can discharge any amount of fraught with danger and acute hazardous waste into sewage treatment plants. In fact they are required to. Now those darn slush heads will state that there is ~t one need to worry, pretreatment of that perilous waste is strictly enforced. Now versed in books the EPA’s Office of Inspector General’s Report No. 14-P-0363 / 09/2014 and observe what bald face liars they are.

The proponents you declare of are making money on sewage. Naturally they would be for it. Now, turn out ask your neighbor if they understand what bio solids or sewage sludge is or what it contains.


Craig Monk.

Dear Craig,

Thanks according to getting in touch about our bit on biosolids! As editor on that single, I wanted to write you back.

I inquire what you’re saying: the appliance of “Human Poop” in the designation could be confusing, although it was meant here as a catchall phrase for contents of a sewer, which includes waste water and excretion. As you say in your alphabetic character, there is some controversy about the appliance of biosolids on farmers’ fields, and their levels of infection.

We at Motherboard do not wish to be part of a sewage deception.



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