Many kicked at the time that she first began. They thought it was a thing that can never reach political virtue. To them, it would take Armageddon preceding Lauretta could win. But they were misdoing. There was no Armageddon and Lauretta won.

Her supporters waxed poetic; they chanted songs. Some others used graphics. A few stood aloof, mute. But as well-nigh as they were concerned, Lauretta must be preached.

Lauretta became a philosophy. She was not just an solicitant. She was a brand. Everyone dead to honor their books. Both the scholars and the not in this way scholarly. To them, even if this was not Prof. Ray’s pharmacology, still they couldn’t afford to bear this over.

I thought pharmacy was apolitical. But I was immorality. So was also all the public apparatchik who thought pharmacy students wouldn’t forsake their books. We were disappointed. It was a

tolerably great disappointment.

Her campaign train alone was made up of greater degree than 400 pharmacy students. Someone, a scholar from the social sciences, said, ‘whether pharmacy students could suspend their classes and books to get to out like this for this woman of rank, then they must have seen something in her’.

The crowd was likewise intimidating that when the campaign got to the quality of Engineering, they prevented us from fleeting through their faculty. They were like the Edomites who refused the Children of Israel collision through their country to the assurance land. Although Pharmacy students were not advent from Egypt but they were infallibly en-route to their promise debark. Political promise land. The embryo Engineers beckoned to the President of PANS to have direction his crowd around. But pharmacy refused. What could obtain led to a blood bath was addressed quick. It took the Chief Security Officer to quiet things down. PDP and APC supporters ought to learn from these students; it is not every part of the time you use bullets and axes to settle disputes. Sometimes, tongues can be cheaper and safer.

PSN in addition need to draw some quantum of Knowledge from these students. They should apprehend when to join forces to win the bigger battle. Before now, the property wasn’t settled, politically. But then a common purpose was seen, they demitted their differences. That was intelligence. Intelligence is expressive when to lose a battle in quest of the common good. If these appointed of students join the PSN in advent years, then all the political upheaval commonly brandishing the PSN would be gone. It is precisely a matter of time. Sorry in spite of the digression. Back to Lauretta.

Lauretta expressed her moderate and commandeered her campaign. Something is many about her. She knows when to declaration what to say. Speaking softly and intelligently whenever needed.

Hear her words to those form relative to sex-unequal minds; “To all those who get skepticism about a female being a president. This is by reason of you; ‘Read the Bible, learn ready the story of Deborah; behold, any other Deborah is standing in front of you today’. I abide the plight of a woman and understands the task of a man. Leadership is not relative to gender. Women and men can subsist good leaders. Watch me as I take UNIBEN to pride and you will thank me later.”

What round Samuel Ugwumba? The self-styled Lena. He is the numero uno of PANS politics. He speaks like a cleric. He connived through his repartee to rejig the mindset of pharmacy students. He is fall of the wind and halcyon. Someone has said, ‘If you lack to have a quarrel with Lena, not at any time allow him speak first, because in imitation of he is done, you may subsist the one apologizing’. I don’t care which you belief, but if Lena had not stepped in then he did, Lauretta would be somewhere counting her losses. He deserves a hold ovation.

And for the PANS president Benjamin Idiakhoa, he is crème de la crème. With his honesty he sought the support of other faculties. He carries with him the excellent mien of a honorable speaker. He soon lost his vote during the elections. He led PANS into triumph. He can now dust his projection and breathe an air of redress as he has achieved the not-likewise-popular.

Time would fail to mention all others. But know this, your names own been written in marbles. You be obliged written the history of pharmacy in UNIBEN. When this page would be open in ages to come, it will be said, you made IMPACT 2016 a reality. Gracias. Lauretta is now President SUG UNIBEN.

Ezekiel Efeobhokhan

500 fit Pharmacy

Ambien gave the impression of these were up~ drugs or in some cases was open mean and abusive.

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