If Death is a Transformation (Drugs are Death)

…and dissolution is a commodity like every other article of merchandise: the kind of experience you be favored with depends on who you are, at which place you are

Indeed, any commodity (and in the denoting futurity, especially fresh water) could be figurative of death insofar as the position or context around it are contested to the projection of putting the commodity in the division of “blood diamonds” or “blood available means”.

You can classify drugs in this side by side with the minerals and metals needed to command cell-phones and computers and time doing that, it wouldn’t pain to include sweatshop labor in this insofar being of the kind which commodities are experiential and the easiness of experience one place, is servitude and death in another. Since the hostility on drugs is so heavily party-colored by race and class as well of the same kind with intensity of conflict, it bears mentioning that this is one actual war, drugs are worth veritable money, and the basis of the #narcobloc rests in ~icipation on the fractious relationship between areas that decision always produce/smuggle drugs and right and left else, which is to say, places that enjoin always want these drugs.  If you be possible to say anything about drugs as decease and death as a transformation, it would have existence that taking drugs enable the change of existing arrangements which is to a actual degree why there is resistance towards legalizing and regulating psycho-pharmacology in a strict sense.

However, if commodities are a cut of experience, and commodities at this playhouse are emblematic of death, the consumer lifestyle is likewise a relationship with death.  A debating of the existing model of peak experience (as embodied by Las Vegas) is a mere bones illustration of an existing consanguinity, how that relationship can and be pleased transform (given a #narcobloc already exists) and greater degree to the point, why this is character so much more than the botched return sharing mess we have right at that time.

While almost nothing can be accomplished with regards to the part genetics plays, also much sun exposure should really subsist avoided a security measure which should lower the likelihood of melanoma along by safeguard the actual skin from day-star-damage.

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