I failed my first nursing exam… Can I pass?

0 Hey guys,

im unused to this site and I conjecture you can say I need more feedback… I’m currently a nursing scholar in a AAS program that has lately took a turn.. I’m a B+ medial sum student with a GPA of 3.89 and recently I have just made it out of the reach of pharmacology and fundamentals of nursing. I be delivered of just moved on to med-surg and our instructor is making this class impossible… Our quizzes are without more worth a point but the full class failed both of them and we appropriate had our first exam and I made a 58/F… This is surpassingly unlike me and I studied my pipe off only to find that this exam was made through the teacher and didn’t approve by the book at all in the same manner I didn’t even need to study… We get you ~ne by the 10 point scale and penury an 80 in the class to carry on… Is this possible? We to this time have two tests and a decisive but as hard as that rudimentary exam was… I don’t notice a redemption… I talked to the pastor and she said no one fails that quick unless I’ve seen how hard that is to rend up… My average is a 59… Any feedback helps… Thanks

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