HSLG 2016, meet the presenters #1

HSLG 2016, unite the presenters #1

Posted on April 5, 2016 Updated steady April 4, 2016

Anne is Assistant Librarian in St. Vincent’s University Hospital by responsibilities for providing training to a sort of staff and students on expert trying, health literacy, critical appraisal etc. She moreover provides an alerting service, and a bi-monthly manifest bulletin, and is founder and contributor to “HEAR” (Health Evidence Awareness Report). Anne is the HSLG CPD Officer and assists the National Cancer Control Programme in the same proportion that expert searcher.


A standard role by reason of health librarians is to deliver tuition to staff and/or students in their organisation. In a hospital setting, librarians set free training to healthcare professionals in distinct disciplines – nursing, medical, physiotherapy, pharmacology, occupational soundness – to name but a hardly any. Conflicting demands on limited staff time be able to mean that training offered by the library be able to be poorly attended and/or shortened to the compass that it is virtually pointless. To manner this, Anne is investigating what is required to rescue courses that will qualify for CME/CPD points from the to the purpose national bodies – RCPI, NMBI etc – so increasing the attractiveness and take-up of the menial duties.
This presentation examines the investigation transaction and lessons learned, including critically assessing the ~ed and quality of training delivered to hospital quarter-~, adapting delivery methods and timings to fitting user requirements, challenges arising from the natural and electronic environment, adapting content to process accrediting body criteria, tracking what works or doesn’t drudge, and identifying any gaps in our hold skill sets required to deliver clinically to the purpose training.

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