Goodbye 3X, It’s Been Real.

Hey followers! I purpose I would take the morning from my exam to relax, recuperate, and produce a blog post as I am within a little done with Semester 3! So crazy by what means time flies! I say goodbye to this semester in the manner that we have one more exam left nearest week. ONE. MORE. EXAM. (Thankfully) But to be honest, I really liked the stuff that we have learned during these 13 weeks. It was pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, a lot of the complex concepts that we have a mind be seeing in our own what is yet to be practice.

Right now, looking at my desk, I get four piles, all labeled according to the exams we possess had thus far. 4 piles. 6 days. 1 NBME conclusive. The difference with this final is that Ross does not inscribe any of the questions, meaning the questions are advent from the National Board of Medical Examiners <– anyone other freaked out by this title? This conclusive is our first look at in what plight all of our board questions be disposed be presented. I am not too sure what to expect, and to exist honest, I am not too ~ly how to study for this individual. I have heard many different opinions near using your notes, not using your notes, pathoma, not pathoma (I regard never used pathoma and I not quite have 100% in pathology right a little while ago), everyone is so different and on the supposition that I have learned anything this semester, or being at Ross with regard to that matter, is that everyone has their acknowledge study strategy. Do not listen to anyone other as you have taken four exams even now this semester, and too many further at Ross than you can ac~. YOU know how to study, you comprehend what is right for you.

With this semester coming to a close, and with our Sports Med Club ending every part of of our events, it is a magnanimous time to reflect on why I am hither. This semester was tough, it was mentally tough, if it were not that I think I have gone to the gym the in the greatest degree since being here. It is total about balance, as you can be warmed like you are suffocating with the vital. I have gotten many emails and instagram messages (@d1todr), and I merited wanted to shed some light up~ the body why Ross is a great sudden for me and for the multitude readers that I am so lucky to have reading my blog posts. We are toward at the 20,000 view brand on the blog, which is unbelievable.

The chiefly frequent question I get asked is: Is Ross sacrifice you a great education? Is it credit it?

My answer time and time anew has been a resounding: “Yes.”, ~-end let me elaborate for a forward. Ross is hard. Medical school is severe, no matter the location. It doesn’t cause of distress if you are in your home situation, home province, home country, no matter to which place you are studying medicine, it is a grueling four years. The earliest two years (for us) are adhering the island of Dominica, and in consequence the next two years are in the U.S beneficial to clinical rotations. I have made the judgment to stay in the U.S following medical school to obtain my residency, and in consequence who knows where I’ll incense next. That is a complete other blog blaze abroad! The medical school curriculum is tailored toward the USMLE Board exams, which are taken ~ means of every U.S medical student, and one time again-no matter the location of your bring under subjection. I will take the exact similar board exams as Harvard medical exercise graduates, so my education needs to have existence upheld to the highest standards to execute well on these exams. My leading of these board qualification exams is in October of this year (which I am already freaking out near to). Ross has to make sure they are instruction us pertinent information towards those exams, and that is for what cause the rigors of medical school foundations is tough.

Before I left because school, a handyman was working up~ the house that we were home-sitting and I told him I was along to medical school, and he declared without hesitation: “you aren’t goin’ to those places from a thin to a dense state there like Grenada are ya?”. In my person I knew St. George University was up~ Grenada and 3 times the recompense of Ross, so…no, I was not going to Grenada, and 2) for what cause the hell does it matter? (justify my language). It is people like that that absolutely grind my gears because they possess no idea what going overseas entails. If I had to select a physician it would encompass someone who didn’t take “none” for an answer, someone who was not averse to drop everything to pursue a thing they have always wanted, and someone who was of a mind to study medicine away from kindred, friends, and who would miss in a puzzle on all life events like birthdays and weddings (abject Ash xoxo) because they are interior a classroom grinding it out. THAT is who I longing as my physician, and THAT is who I poverty sitting across from me when I strait help in the doctors office. It is completely about perspective, and to be honest, Ross has made me tougher than at all times before, and I will become a pre-eminent physician because of it.

On that catalogue, since I am a little heated, I elect start on pile #1 of my divers piles! Thank you all for listening to me spout at times, and for allowing me a distinctive character on how this opportunity to study medicine is so so worth it.

Bye on this account that now,

-E xo

It wouldn’t have ~ing D1toDR without some pics!


Che’s Ice Cream. Can’t be off wrong.

Steve’s class on a hike continue semester!

This place really is graceful.

Seems like forever ago.

Home likewise soon!!!!

Back in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam space of time I was on a medical placement. Such an amazing opportunity! This Dr. Was ground on a chair because he couldn’t think to be true how tall I was! 


Since Jane Goodall’s bday was utmost week, throwback to meeting her in Toronto!

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