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Lecturer speaks put ~ new brain studies, shows how pure spirit affects adolescent development

BOSTON – Boston University’s School of Medicine welcomed appropriate guest speaker Dr. Lawrence Chandler adhering Wednesday afternoon, who was there to harangue about his recent scientific research uncovering the affects that exposure to alcohol and binge drinking acquire on adolescent development.

Dr. Chandler is one associate professor in the Department of Neuroscience at the Medical University of South Carolina. He earned his Bachelor’s class in Biology at Birmingham Southern College in 1980, and his PhD in pharmacology at the University of Texas at Austin in 1988. Since that time, Dr. Chandler has conducted research that focuses ~ward understanding the fundamental processes that methodize the plasticity, or adaptability, of the vigorous system. His latest research has concentrated specifically steady how the brain changes in replication to environmental influences such as exposure to drugs and alcohol, especially in adolescents. It is this instance topic that he came to Boston to parley about.

Standing at the front of a moiety-full lecture hall, Dr. Chandler began his figure by admitting that this is his ~ and foremost trip to Boston, despite growing up a Red Sox cool during his childhood in Alabama. He hereafter spoke of the core researchers abaft the study, a group of 9 scientists – every one of members of the same research consortium – who are investigating by what means early exposure to alcohol and binge toping affects the development of the pre-brow-band cortex in adolescents and how this subsequently alters ripened brain function.

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