CSEC Seeking Public Member for the Poison Control Coordinating Committee

Do you have in mind you have what it takes to effect a difference in poison control? We faith you do! The Texas Commission up~ the body State Emergency Communications (CSEC) is seeking some interested individual to serve as its national appointee to the state’s Poison Control Coordinating Committee (PCCC). While the spot is unpaid and a volunteer place, it comes with a lot of benefits in other ways.

“It is startling to be a part of a team that works nearly the health and safety of Texans.  The Poison Control Network provides a living service for Texans in poison emergencies,” foregoing public member Grace Chimene said. “As the Public Member to the Poison Control Coordinating Committee, you will have an opportunity to provide each outsider’s viewpoint and a of the whole not private perspective to help coordinate TPCN services athwart the state.”

The 81st Texas Legislature created the committee (House Bill 1093) concerning the purposes of coordinating the activities of the plight’s six regional poison control centers and advising the Commission. The committee is cool of representatives of the CSEC, the Department of State Health Services (DSHS), one and the other of the six Regional Poison Control Centers, and united public member appointed by CSEC. The committee typically meets monthly, usually ~ means of conference call.

“Poison emergencies fall out fast.  I took pride in the volunteer service I provided as the Public Member to the Poison Control Coordinating Committee,” Chimene before-mentioned. “This is a wonderful chance; fit to help an organization whose goal is to have existence accessible 24 hours a day through well-trained medical professionals available to second in a poison emergency.”

This condition is very important to the PCCC and because the Public Member, your opinion bequeath provide valuable insight and understanding from the public’s perspective. This position does not require somewhat training, but if you have nurture in clinical medicine, pharmacology, or nursing, this would yield even more value to the PCCC.

“As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, I understood the concern of the services provided by the Poison Control Network,” Chimene reported. “My little patients and their families rely adhering this emergency service to be operative, well-coordinated, and high quality.”

If you are self-seeking in finding out more about this position or are interested in serving, please contiguity CSEC’s Executive Director Kelli Merriweather at (512) 305-6938, or kelli.merriweather@csec.texas.gov.

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