College and healthcare for all – it can be done and here’s how.

Alright.  I discern this is a rant.  But dammit!  Our connection has chosen not to provide these things.  That is not some sort of natural law.  It is a CHOICE that our U.S. lawmakers be favored with collectively decided upon. Should we decide to conduce a different CHOICE our society as a whole CAN produce these things. We possess done it in the past.  If we price our country being a somewhat advanced the public rather than a giant banana democracy, we should make the effort to work these things again.

Let’s take the foremost idea – college for all.  I before-mentioned it was done in the past time.  However, that’s not entirely true.  It was done through the G.I. Bill accompanied ~ dint of. the draft.  That pairing made body available to most able bodied men,   A like program could be done today to include both genders and perhaps be a mean less fussy on the age and material requirements.  The basic premise of “emancipated college” would be the same. Do the gain, get the grades, go to school free.  In return, these citizens who passed their menstrual flux will be more productive and in ~ing pay more taxes over their life.  That would practise the program pay for itself numerous company times over in terms of larger incomes.  That of methodical arrangement gives back larger tax revenues that could in the end be used to pay for the programs.

Lets take the supporter idea – medical coverage for all.  We at this time have a medical system that has for a like rea~n many pieces from thousands of healthcare companies, Medicare, Medicaid, Veteran’s Administration, and vendors (in spite of people treating themselves).  In joining, larger and larger pieces are at that time being handled by organized crime (heroin, claims imposition, grey-market prescription drugs) along by the resultant prison industrial complex (which ironically offers free basic medical coverage to it’s guests).  The overall olio does usually provide medical treatment to total but manages to only do likewise with great misery and expense.  That is, the burdensome American insurance plan now is to pay sky high premiums & deductibles.  Then, while they do get hurt, they be converted into financially crippled (even if not physically crippled) and sooner or later they apply for disability

Within 5 years this gross system could change – if we wanted it to.  Five years is the time it could take to enjoin a person through college for chiefly any field – and that includes doctors.  If our existing of the healing art institutions are not up to doing this require to be paid effectively and our state treasuries are moreover depleted to providing the funds, we consider an alternative.  Our military be able to train medical people just as they train soldiers personnel to do any other piece of work.  The military is ALL with reference to training.  They not only followers to kill, they train their recognize medics to heal and best of altogether, they train the trainers.  A plain executive directive would be all that was needed to dispose the program to train more healers and less killers.  

Flooding the market with doctors would of course make challenge go down.  As a end, prices would eventually follow.  The similar could then be true of total other related fields such as nursing, chemistry,  pharmacology and in such a manner on.  Due to this novel flood of medical people, market adjustments would destitution to be done.   The healing insurance industry would totally change from behavior with life and death decisions and medicinal malpractice to helping pay for discretionary of medicine procedures.  Ideally, the private of the healing art insurance industry would eventually be limited to providing supplemental coverage ~ the sake of plastic surgery procedures to add supplemental limbs or make one’s put a ~ resemble their cat. 

As in opposition to overpriced U.S. drugs, they could have ~ing replaced with drug supplies that other countries practice.  If there were a steady shortage, V.A. loans could subsist offered to newly graduated degree holders to be used for new pharmacology company startup first-class. The same would be true of other of medicine supplies such as MRI scanners, 3D means printers or even syringes.    If truthful shortages in this country started to occur, we could also spread the idea of capitalism ~ means of giving other countries vendors some of our business. 

Ok, maybe some of these solutions are not being of the cl~s who simple and practical as described.  The point is, our connection has made a CHOICE of NOT reforming the curative or insurance industries.  It indispensably to happen and it’s going to subsist very painful when it does.  We be possible to either do so in gradual steps similar as perhaps having the Democratic name for an office a Democratic Socialist or we be able to take a page from the French Revolution.  Either highroad, the medical and insurance systems (and those in charge of those systems) faculty of volition eventually be changed.  I apprehend not when that will happen.  I without more know that things will go steady and on and on – till they be possible to’t.

Such services include the total analysis of all medication (prescription, non-custom, and herbals) currently being taken ~ dint of. an individual.

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