At the forefront of Translational Research and Psychiatry Profile – Julio Lucinio

At the forefront of bio-medicinal research, Translational Medicine aims to improve diagnosis, obstruction and treatment of diseases through a multi-disciplinary draw near. Prof (Dr.) Julio Lucinio is noted, highly respected and internationally recognised despite his expertise in translational medicine. He is credited by the conceptualisation and establishment of frequent programs in universities dedicated towards careful search in translational medicine. An accomplished father, his citations, papers and books cast reproach his in-depth knowledge of the subject; wholly his published articles are widely decipher and followed by the research community.

South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

He is forthwith the Deputy Director for Translational Medicine and Head, Mind and Brain Theme at South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute, spearheading study initiatives and deliverance of research tools and materials for adaptation in treatment. Often invited to redeem the opening lectures, he is abundant sought-after, for his reviews without ceasing publications and panels. He has helmed presentations, conferences and symposia in the place of the scientific research community.  His grant both as an individual and in the same manner with part of a team towards careful search in pharmacogenomics are widely acknowledged.

A founding adviser of the UCLA Interdepartmental Clinical Pharmacology Training Program, Prof Lucinio has mentored sundry physician-scientists towards knowledge acquisition and good fortune. He has received commendations and accolades from the Government and the industrial art for his immense contribution and leadership in the field of Translational Research.


His distinction in the field of research made him a widely accepted originator, and at present he is the founding editor of three Nature Publishing Group Journals, altogether of which have a high ranking and press close together status. He has actively collaborated by his peers across nations in bringing confused publications that have had a not small impact on research, and translation of careful search findings into appropriate diagnosis and method of treating for patients.

Personal Life

Prof (Dr.) Julio Lucinio is a natural of Brazil, who pursued his education in the United States presently residing at Adelaide, by a chequered career that spanned nations and couple decades.

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