I be possible to’t believe it’s already April and we’re in the last week of classes! It seems but yesterday that we began the program. April has been a time of latest moments for us pharmers. We be the subject of finished up our exams and (~ly of) our lectures. Nidhi, Derek, and I presented a writing on Preeclampsia for our Cardiobiology figure. For our last Environmental Pharmacology rank I gave a short “elevator rumor” on the environmental impact of increased fare consumption. While our workload decreased, I kept assiduous by working, volunteering, and enjoying the winning New Orleans spring weather with my friends.

This exceeding week I also finished up volunteering at University Medical Center. I am sedate to say goodbye to the stick that I have worked closely by since beginning volunteering there in February 2015. I loved the abstinence from food paced nature of the job and wholly of the interesting people I met.

As I turn the thoughts back on this past year, I am extremely appreciative for the knowledge that I be favored with gained and the people that I receive met. I know that the breeding I received during this program determination help me succeed as an incoming sanatory student in the fall. But prior to medical school begins, I will be taking a trip with one of my friends that I met during the program. I will also exist traveling to South Korea to regard my younger brother.

April: 8 hours
Semester: 17.5 hours
Year: 48.25 hours

And, grant that you are writing at additional familiar sites, I would like to follow you.

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