April 27, 2016 2016 Blog Number 117 #Clinton Avenue Reformed Church Celebrity Sadness

April 27, 2016

2016 Blog Number 117

#Clinton Avenue Reformed Church

Celebrity Sadness

Last week because I celebrated a family wedding in Florida I was struck with the celebrity news of sadness. Joan Laurer (the wrestler Chyna) died steady Wednesday and Prince the singer died in c~tinuance Thursday. There is no official action of death released about either of these brace but pharmacology is suspected by a account of people. Half-siblings of Prince expressed belong to years ago that the amount of drugs that he was seizure would be his undoing. Likewise, Chyna has had a spun out history of substance abuse. If these deaths of these with reference to something else young people (Chyna 45 and Prince 57) are indeed medicine related that just makes my sedateness greater. It means that they were preventable.

There is a denounce to being a celebrity. You are constantly forward display, you have access to wide supplies of drugs along with the coin to afford them, and you live with the emotional roller coaster of having to fulfil constantly. I’m surprised that additional celebrities don’t get hooked. Most of us carry on not have the access or the riches to get into such a life-way trap. They have opportunities for self-demolition that the average person does not desire.

When I see these people I have power to only think, “there but in spite of the grace of God go I.” My betimes college career was not stellar. I was attracted to the faction lifestyle. Fortunately, I did not desire the money or access to indulge further than I did. I also had a awesome mentor who woke me up to that which I would become if I continued forward the path that I was walking. I have ~ing sorry for Chyna and Prince. Despite, or since, of their money and fame they walked a trail that might have given them premature deaths. That is cheerless and makes me more grateful that I didn’t twist up with a similar end.


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