April 2016

All dutiful things must come to an close, and I am sad to utter that we have reached our highest week in the Pharmacology Master’s Program. Last week, I had my eventual Cell Control exam, and I perfected my final presentation for Endocrine Pharmacology. I desire to use my last blog to cast reproach on what I have learned subsequently to entering the program and to canvass my April community service.

 Since the outset of the semester, I have greatly improved my study habits and time conduct. I find myself studying faster and greater degree of efficient, and I am able to persuade more done in a day. In adjust to learn how drugs work up~ the body a system, we had to learn the bony structure and physiology of the system pristine. This was extremely helpful since I did not take an anatomy and physiology course in literary institution. It was also a great go over again of many college courses such like biochemistry, neuroscience and cell biology. I experienced even more about these subjects, during the time that well. This program also helped me be transformed into more comfortable with public speaking considering we had to complete eight clump presentations throughout the year. Having taken Medical Pharmacology with 2nd year Tulane med students, I am greater amount of confident that I can handle the workload of healing school and that becoming a cure is the right path for me.  I am extremely invigorating for the connections I have made by fellow students and Tulane faculty!

For my decisive community service, I wanted to give back to my high school, Archbishop Chapelle High School, ~ dint of. continuing garden maintenance and picking up trumpery around campus. I’ve spent people hours within the past four weeks planting flowers and cleaning up the gardens quite around the campus. With the acrid weather returning to New Orleans, the symbol of sorrow are growing like crazy; I certainly had my be cut out for me! However, the campus looks beautiful, and I’ve included some pictures unworthy of of my favorite gardens.

Thank you so much for viewing my Tulane Pharmacology Blog!

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~Kristen Fowler   

Total ACHS gardening hours: 18

Total March hours: 18

Total Semester hours: 31

Total program hours: 61

American Cancer Society gift will be used to promote vigorous nutrition and physical activity through the Boys & Girls Club of Elgin Fitness Authority Program.

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