AHPSI, Usmle, academy, porque es importante para el Medico Latino?

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AHPSI, USMLE,Academy, para que, sirve? Porque es importante para el inmigrante medico

Por la Dra.Nicole de Leon.

Instructora, AHPSI,Usmle Academy.

For the professional of the health that decided to makes a commencing life in the United States of America there are many challenges that they be required to face every day. You dear reader haply will have a long list of challenges (~t any barriers). We are in agreement that deal with a new language, a new tillage is a great challenge and we are likewise know, the greatest of all is this is you gain been away of your field of be, and career, and now you has gone from heart an expert in the area of health to a citizen who cannot use your knowledges and practice what you be favored with learned to live.

Understanding   these indispensably shaped this institution. We are a line of ancestors of health professionals committed to the common of Hispanic professionals, regardless of their national origin or social status.

Among the services that we offering are: classes for “United States Medical License Examiner Step 1” in other altercation Step one / first exam to hold good a license to practice medicine in the United States.” These tests are in 15 tests most difficult in the world occupying the pro~ number 13th. Something that our Association has taken taken in the character of a challenge to helps our hale condition professionals to climb a step higher at their careers. How end we do it? With the restore of doctors whom had submitted these tests we created a plan of teaching.

In these classes you command receive the necessary guidance to put in order your dreams a reality. The teachers resolution help you to know how the universe of examination in this country works, the documents that are needed and in what plight to access them in a other direct way, advise you in essential of study and how using these wealth. Through classes focused on the open view to help you get the highest acting in the exam(competitive score), that choose open the door to residency programs. The classes are tense by doctors who know the plan of USMLE Step 1, committed to our community.

Other benefits that you will take delight in are: to exercise your knowledge of the English speech, in the areas of learning to attend and understand the language at a flush technical-professional. You will be not pressed or judged exactly to pronunciation or understanding. We are a community of health professionals involved with morals and respect; like you we had assumed the defiance of making English as Second Language. You resolution be part of a community that enjoin support you, will have the chance; fit to attend our monthly conferences, congresses and others.

We are a house committed to the development of our community. We hope you in our program against the USMLE Step 1 course bring forth a duration of seven months through face-to-face and on-calling classes, with a modern interactive program. Covering: Biochemistry, immunology, pathology, Physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, Anatomy, Biostatistics and Behavioral Science; cost of $ 100 per month. This grant will be the way that you power of determination contribute to keep our mission effectively. Our purpose is you Dear doctor have what deserves and so has fought; be first level physician, make your therapeutic specialty, and secure your future. Nicole De Leon, MD.

AHPSI: Ofrece  Un programa intensivo de revise,preparacion para los Steps, Martes y Jueves  , ahora  , tambien ofrecemos este programa Online, para registrarse solo tiene que hacer clink, o copie la direccion  debajo.


1-888-277-1288,  732-277-9640,  info@ahpsi.org

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