ABAC bridge program entrance tests

0 I am applying instead of the Summer 2016 ABAC bridge program. I am finishing up my pharmacology rank currently and I have received a modified by conditions acceptance letter stating that I be obliged to pass my Hesi entrance exam, a module exam(that I have been studying for using the material they gave me), and a 20 investigation math test that I have to note a 95 on. I passed my Hesi with an 89 and I am very lately just absolutely freaking out about the module gate test. I am looking for anyone who is also applying to ABACs bridge program or who has applied to it in the spent. Any pointers, tips, or advice is greatly appreciated! I got accepted to any other college’s bridge program that besides starts this summer but I get my heart set on ABAC and I toil full-time so I really extremity the convenience of the one age a week program versus 3 or 4 days by week. Thanks in advance for at all help that can be given!

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