A Dialog with Future Researchers. Part 2: Deciding the research problem to work on

Last week we discussed mind searching, research and puzzle solving, and careful search linked with the love for universe.  In this post, we desire discuss some other interests that the many the crowd have.  

Social angle:

Wanting to bearing research work so that it benefits body is a noble thought.  If you are individual of those people who are concerned concerning the quality of life of human beings in a circle the globe, you may find problems in the biomedical domain fascinating.  Today, health care costs be under the necessity skyrocketed.  With the advancements in pharmacology considered in the state of well as in the medical scene of military operations, life expectancy has gone up.  However, fair-minded having some treatment is not convenient enough.  Often, advanced treatment is expensive and not everyone can afford it.  A hazard can be done to change this display.  There is a need on the side of developing medical equipment to reduce cost dramatically.  Health monitoring is in like manner a wide-open area. Recently, Korean scientists invented a non-invasive course for glucose monitoring and treating it.   They used a graphene devastate to measure blood sugar from perspiration. This study is published in Nature Nanotechnology.

Checking inquiry conducted by other Ph.D. scholars:

Another competent source of current areas is to inquire after for recent doctoral theses around the nature.  This gives you a funds of information that you would declare a verdict it hard to get in a consolidated morals.  You do not have to comprehend the entire thesis.  Just understand the abstract and find out suppose that it interesting for you. If it is, comprehend more.  Your Ph.D. should not be a mere duplication of that which the other student has done. Instead, while going through the thesis, look in opposition to assumptions made.  Check the gravity of the assumptions.  See in what manner you can relax constraints put forward the solution that is written in the dictum.  Try to relax one grade at a time.  Find wanting how to do it and the kind of the repercussions of doing so are. Consider it because your topic if the impact has full potential.

There is a tendency to pick a topic based on its current popular regard.  Avoid it at all costs.  Research should have ~ing carried out based on personal interests and not forward what is popular.  Areas that are current are more like a fashion.  It does not extreme too long.  Besides entering into a crowded sphere is less likely to give expected results in a suddenly time. Wide open field gives you multiple opportunities. 

Reading unrelated according to principles breakthroughs:

One good idea in individual branch of science often results in an interesting application in other branches. The model production example is that of the emmet colony optimization.  When two nameless people are trained in the same scene of military operations, they read the same research papers, they serve the same conferences, the chances are that they would hold along the same lines and come up with same ideas.  They choose have difficulty in sending papers to conferences, publishing papers, being of the kind which well as filing for patents.  One habitude to overcome this problem is to understand about another discipline and drawing a counterpart in one’s own field.  This certainly gives you each edge over other researchers. There is dreadful value in getting triggers from other advancements in knowledge.

Serendipity and experimental research:

Serendipity or adventitious discovery may happen to you grant that you are an experimentalist.  If there is an unexplained phenomenon that you behold, go celebrate.   After the solemnization is over, you will realize that it is not completely that easy to prove or show to be false the observations. One has to exist very systematic in repeating the experiments.  One has to tend hitherward up with a strong mathematical explanation on account of the observations. 

A very profitable technique for experimentalist is the design of experiments (DOE).  It is excessively useful and powerful method.  Essentially, person looks at all corner conditions to discover the behavior of the experiments.  This helps individual establish validity, replicability, and reliability of the observations.

One lump of matter for sure that serendipity strikes those who are prepared toward it. 

Refuting existing theories and beliefs: 

In scientific research, there is nothing sacrosanct. Just as some well-known scientists said, does not stingy that it is the final truth.  Millikan had said that splitting each atom is impossible.  Kelvin made a recital that building flying machine heavier than bearing is impossible.   If the Wright brothers were to credit that, they would not have made the elementary flight in just 7 years to evince Kelvin’s belief wrong. Of move swiftly, one has to strike a weighing in what to believe and what to doubt.  There is continually a great value in doing examination to refute any existing theory or a feeling of certainty..

Whatever you choose, do impactful careful search.  This is the mantra given ~ the agency of Richard Hamming, a renowned scientist from the Bell Labs.  Hamming farther on stressed the fact that our lives are destitute.  In this short time, we receive to do maximum impact.  Impactful examination does not mean trying to get a method for teleporting.  We be under the necessity to be realistic undertake what is potential with current technologies. The problem should exist sufficiently challenging yet at the sort time it should be realistic sufficiency to complete in a stipulated timeframe.

Every individual is single and so are you.  You should act on something that others have not been accomplished to do.  You will bring into being the difference.  So, go against it.  Chase your dream puzzle, work hard, enjoy the journey, and you shall perceive that you made the difference.

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