4 more days!

Hey everyone!

Like I said in my last post, nothing has been going up~ lately beside non-stop studying. Since in that case, I have survived:

– One written Surgery ultimate
– One simulated client interview
– Three Principles of Disease finals back to back, 3 days in a quarrel (finishing one exam and then having to study the like material only to find all the mistakes you made that peep of day is not the most fun, yet yay to the monster Phase 2 process being done!)
– One Health Management ultimate
– One Theriogenology (reproduction) final

And we and nothing else have Anesthesia & Pharmacology (which is individual course) to go!

We have fewer finals than we did in highest year, but the amount of physical tested this year is massive and quite of them are worth so a great quantity. Today’s was Therio and it was worth 70%! So even if you be~ne into the final with a serious mark, it doesn’t mean a great quantity in the grand scheme of things. Intimidating because sure, especially since our brains are outset to wear out.

I took a intellectual break this weekend though; the sustain has been gorgeous and Matt came along the course of to take Daisy back to London in favor of me. We got to hang abroad for a bit and we took a luscious long trail walk – it was fastidious to finally get some sun! I’m sensation like less of a vampire/move circularly/hermit and ready to get this after all the rest exam over with so I have power to celebrate, head home and recover towards a week before starting work.

Almost 50% of a DVM!
Bye on account of now 🙂

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