2nd set of Term 5 Midterms are over with

Normally at SGU, you straightforward have a unified exam after 3 weeks, a midterm halfway from one side the term, and a final.  But in Term 5, we be favored with unified exams after 3 weeks, and 2 sets of midterms, and a decisive.

My second set of Term 5 Midterms are at this time over with.  I did actually well in Pharmacology and just okay in Pathophysiology.  I muse I spent a lot more studying Pharmacology as I was scared that I wouldn’t exist able to memorize the 400 reinvigorated drugs that they give us for each exam.  After the exams we got a unusual 3 day weekend.  I be in possession of been using the time to terminate U World questions and to pre-read the 3rd block of pharmacology.  I went snorkeling at the strand yesterday.  I went down through the cliff at the south extremity of Grand Anse, which I don’t usually answer the purpose, and there is a reef there.  At one point I maxim a moray eel with its fore part poking out of a rock.  It had teeth like ~y alligator, which kind of freaked me ~right.  I looked it up in successi~ the internet when I got home.  They are scared of people and won’t attack unless you commit to memory right in their burrow.  But granting that they do attack, they can burn your finger off.  The scary creature was that there wasn’t a great quantity of depth between me and the coral and the waves ~ means of the cliff were really pushing me in a circle.  Here is a photo I set up on the internet that is every approximation of what I saw (I didn’t gain my camera):

Moray Eels: Alien EmpireNGC US Episode Code: 5551Azore Islands, Atlantic Ocean: A Tiger moray eel through its jaws open. The Tiger Moray is distinguishing for its bright yellow coloring and elongated throat, which is filled with a full number of long “glasslike” teeth. It be able to reach up to 120 cm in long duration. (Photo Credit: © Tesche Dokumentarfilm)

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