UW Gatzert Child Welfare Fellowship

Nomination deadline:   April 1, 2016

The Gatzert Child Welfare good company was established in the 1930s ~ dint of. the Bailey and Babette Gatzert foundation for Child Welfare. In accordance with the donor’s wishes, the funds are to have ~ing used to promote education for “the upper hand care and treatment of children passion from defects, either physically or mentally.” The the same-quarter fellowship will be awarded to help the writing of a doctoral dissertation in the field of child expanding with special reference to children through disabilities.


The student must consider achieved doctoral candidate status by the time of nomination and

The close examiner must have demonstrated progress on the dissertation which indicates completion by the close of Summer Quarter 2017 or sooner.

The scholar may not have received another discourse writing award from the Graduate School (e.g., GO-MAP, Presidential Dissertation, etc.)

Students in fee-based programs are not eligible.


The awards furnish a stipend equivalent to the compensation of a standard Predoc TA II (publicly $2,378r month), GAIP insurance, and UW parade tuition and fees (excluding U-PASS and International Student Fee) up to 18 credits.

Students mould be nominated by their departments. Departments have power to nominate no more than two students. Eligible programs comprehend:






Human Centered Design and Engineering

Information School

Neurobiology and Behavior


Nutritional Sciences



Physiology and Biophysics


Public Health Genetics

Rehabilitation Medicine

Social Work

Speech and Hearing Sciences

Urban Design and Planning Group

For clean information about this opportunity, see: http://grad.washington.edu/students/fa/gatzert/pointer.shtml

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