USMLE ( United State of Medical Licensing Exam)

USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination)


USMLE  Exam is furthermore represented as Licensing exam conducted ~ dint of. US countries. The Basic reason as antidote to conducting this exam to check to perceive the ability of Students in the basic Science indispensable practice of medicine. This exam contains three steps and it was sponsored through FSMB and NBME (Federation of State Medical Boards and National Board of Medical Examiners). Step 1,Step 2 and Step 3. In before anything else step1 and step 2 they are exam segment after clearing these two steps, afterward only students able to enter into the Step 3 Level, last stage exam.

Step 1 exam is some eight hours examination conducting in a uncompounded day. It contains more than 300 multiple preference questions

How should I apply on the side of USMLE Step 1 Exam?

Those who are now studying medicine or graduates of Medicine be possible to apply for this exam USMLE step 1 with NBME. Outside of Canada and US countries (International Students) registered by (ECFMG) Education Council for Foreign Medical Graduates.  And the require to be paid for this examination is around 600$USD.  Most of the students preferring this exam betwixt second to third years finishing the Bachelor of Science Course and antecedent to Clinical Clerkship. The Syllabus in favor of Step 1 Procedure has Anatomy, behavioral philosophical knowledge, microbiology, pathology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and physiology. And other topics cover which comprehend mechanism underlying health, disease, and the modes of therapy, genetics, aging, food, immunology, molecular, cell biology, epidemiology and therapeutical ethics. Most of the students raise this exam after the two to three months of BS turn because students still having the topics in their Mind. Don’t want to refresh.

Minimum Score to Pass the Step 1 Procedure:

The Minimum charge to pass the step 1 process is upto 195-200 range fit. And the Average score of preceding year was 228 with the criterion deviation is 21.

How could I have the results for Step 1?

Sep 1 eventuate will be released on every Wednesday and the time duration taking for this exam is upto 3 to 4 weeks. The Option as being getting the results through the defensive covering id which one is you applied ~ the sake of the exam with (NBME or ECFMG). In that email your sake will be available as the corresponding; of like kind way it can also posted in the Appropriate Website.

The Present least quantity passing rate for USMLE Exams:

Step 1: 192

Step 2: 209

Step 3: 196

The Information around minimum current passing score is presented at

And the accusation about passing rate is presented at work-data/.

There is no option to pen the step 1 exam again whether or not students getting average mark and not satisfied farther on trying to get the Maximum reason. If students willing to raise their notch the answer is no, if students not clearing the Paper Step 1 First time way then having a choice to reappear another time. Limitation of reappearing step 1 is three time by means of year.

Step 2:

Step 2 Examination it contains two stages that is CK and CS Procedure. Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skill, it’s one one day exam. The Eligibility criteria on this account that this exam is the students sourness clear the USMLE step 1 Level. Step 2 exam students can appear in fourth year.

For Step 2 Information : ( /usmlecontentoutline.pdf)

Clinical Knowledge (CK)

It is nine hours proof day and the passing rate since this exam is 203, the sum ~ question in this exam is 355 multiple rare test items. The Content area against this exam is Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Surgery and other areas suitable to provision of care under supervision. Mostly it describes clinical situations and need that you provide one or besides of the followings such as each indication of underlying mechanism of ailment, diagnosis, prognosis, and the further steps hold medical care that including Preventive measures. Scoring by reason of this exam is three digits.

Clinical Skill (CS)

Step 2 CS it is the abet part of the examination, the basic intellect for conducting this examination is the of the healing art students who wish to do PG program in US Countries. The Step 2 CS exam is administered ~ the agency of CSEC at all six of its example centers in the United States. In Advance you poverty to register this exam is upto 12 months. Testing appointments direction usually fill to take at in the smallest degree four months in advance. So every students must have a tough to record it before, every year MAY month itself, whether they extended to August, you may have ~ing find that there is no to be availed of appointments for testing.

USMLE Step 2 CS is a Pass-Fail Examination. Students emergency to clear in three major subcomponent news~, that is Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Spoken English Proficiency and Integrated Clinical Encountered.

To bridle the Examination schedule or calendar updates, results and for good further updates students can check through Educational Commission because Foreign Medical Graduates (Website :

Step 3:

Step 3 is the ultimate assessment of the USMLE Procedure. It is in like manner the one part of Licensing exam ~ the sake of the requirements of Doctor of Medicine (MD). Students grape-juice be pass this exam for PG program in Philippines. In Step 3  exam 75% consists of Multiple excellent question and the remaining 25% contains clinical form simulations. This exam also Online course needs to register via State Licensing Board of Examination.


Step 3 Eligibility, students (medical man) must pass step 1 and step 2 CK plain procedure and needs to hold one MD or DO degree. For International therapeutic students must attain certification by (ECFMG) Educational Commission of Foreign Medical Graduates.

Step 3 conducting by two days. And the score resolution be in an single digit encounter and sustain pass or fail.

Day 1: In lifetime 1, examination pattern is multiple chary questions. Day 1 deals with (FIP) Foundations of Independent Practice, in the present life will focus on the application of cognizance in Medicine and Science and the Knowledge of Diagnosis and Management. Students bequeath answer 256 one word type questions and its divided into 6 Blocks. For every Block time allotment is one sixty minutes.

Day2: Day 2 procedure deals through Advance Clinical Medicine (ACM), its basically point of concentration on students knowledge in health and distemper in the Patient Management and Manifesting of Disease. These epoch 2 procedure include both Multiple superior question and computer based question.

The Time lasting period for this exam is 9 hours and it contains 198 multiple chary question and its splited into similar 6 Blocks. Each blocks carries 45 minutes time continuation.

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