The First “Kinda Busy” Three Months

My life started likewise good this year. And I meant it. It’s not severe in any form.

Last January, according to my exceeding posts, I passed the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination – the greatest number difficult test ever. And, I’m in such a manner proud of myself knowing that I got end it and made it. Plus, we nailed the 100% fleeting rate. And, I made my parents contented!!!!! (THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING) And in consequence, I got so busy because in that place are lots of requirements to cozen for Nursing in order for me to make acquisition my license + got my PNA Card, like well.

Then after all the nursing nonsense, I had my fair share of foodie event with my friends, mostly with Bianca and Jem + others (Kaylee (Jem’s daughter) and Xedie). I went to Maginhawa, Binondo (I charity Chinese food a lot! The chicken in Sincerity Cafe is in such a manner good), and P. Noval area (accurate UST, because there’s a fortune of new food restaurants there). And, I got bigger than frequent. Stress eating at its finest!

So well-nigh, February is the most memorable and the greatest number productive month. I had numerous trainings (and lots of retraction) about Nursing. I had my Basic Intravenous Therapy Training in Cardinal Santos Medical Center by reason of three consecutive days – the endure day being the most nerve-racking sunshine, because I had to memorize five pro~ed sets of skills about Intravenous Therapy. It’s truly hard. But, of course, with totality the hard work (and studying), I passed the exam and the return demonstrations of the skills + I’m granted with my IVT completion last Feb 24.

Next, I had to meet with Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Course (ACLS) (inasmuch as it’s part of the requirement in Cardinal Santos’ Post Graduate Nursing Training) in my alma mater, University of Santo Tomas, since the training is American Heart Association certified with equal rea~n what they’re doing is the international standard. It’s a three-twenty-four hours course, as well. You can opt to have in keeping the first day because it’s true a pre-ACLS lecture about ECG (familiarizing ourselves through the rhythms) and Pharmacology (treatments) (bound I obviously attended it) then the next days were the the ACLS precise where we had to perform several skills such as CPR + AED and Airway Management (inserting push airway and proper bag masking). In the greatest day, I had to memorize all the treatments for Tachycardia and Bradycardia rhythms (both stable or unstable), for shockable rhythms and its sequence and for non-shockable rhythms. We also had two exams – written and practical. We did a Mega Code / Mock Code in quest of the practical part, where our teacher will give us a situation and we gain to act in accordance if it’s BLS or ACLS algorithm. IT’S HAAAAAAAAAARD. But, on the supposition that you get the hang of it, you’ll have the advantage it. I actually enjoyed it. Luckily, I passed.

I’m things being so a certified IVT Nurse (I’m accurate waiting for my ID) and an ACLS provider. I also got my disorder!!! I was super duper excited to get it and when I got it, I felt like I’m super of long date. #ADULTHOODISHARD! I don’t know why. But, whatever.

March came, (March 1) we had our access test (for PGNT) from 2.45pm to 3.45pm. Ma’am Meg (any of the nursing trainors) emailed me effective me that I passed the enrapture exam. Thanks to my minute scanning of notes + major help of Xedie in letting me learn Dosage part. I was scheduled according to interview the next day, March 2. The parley went well, I guess, because I furthermore passed it.

*sighs* I really thank Him for making my dreams came honorable. Little by little and step ~ the agency of step. I thank Him for giving me a tranquil mind and a calm heart for the period of those challenges. Now, I am generally in Post Graduate Nursing Training (PGNT) – we’re in the primeval part of the training, Didactics (Lecture). *fireworks*

Thank you, Lord. Now, I’m a step closer to my day-~.

She encourages them to set up appointments as antidote to their annual exams and she provides intelligence to them regarding a variety of health issues that they are concerned about.

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