The EMA Launches new PRIority Medicines scheme – PRIME

The European Medicines Agency has today launched the renovated PRIME (PRIority MEdicines)

scheme to grow strong support for medicines that target some unmet medical need. The scheme focuses steady medicines that may offer a major therapeutic advantage over existing treatments, or gain patients with no treatment options.

A hurry release and further information on PRIME have been published on the EMA website, including particulars of how to apply. In the issue of queries, a dedicated EMA e-put in the ~ box has been set up.

The EACPT, end its Working Group on Regulation of Medicines and Ethics wish keep informed EACPT affiliated societies and associated members forward any hot regulatory issue and other appropriate information on medicines emerging from the EU regulatory carcass.

The EACPT was founded 24 years ago and now includes as members tot~y national organisations for clinical pharmacology in Europe, for example well as organisations from further afield internationally. The EACPT aims to get ready educational and scientific support for the further than 4000 individual professionals interested in clinical pharmacology and therapeutics from first to last the European region, with its congresses attended ~ dint of. a global audience. The EACPT in like manner advises policy makers on how the specialty can contribute to human health and wealth.

In the past few years, hundreds and hundreds of studies desire been conducted regarding the safety of ~ey cohosh.

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