Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is human being of the most abused substances.

Otherwise known taken in the character of laughing gas, it is medically used while an anesthetic.

It is not illegal to be found in possession,  end many people find this substance graceful to abuse.

Mechanism of action:

N2O stimulated, via release of dopamine, the medolimbic guerdon pathway of the brain. Dopamine is released into VTA and NAcc. This causes euphoria- for that easily abused. It also induced opioid- peptide liberation for its analgesic effects.

This is a menstrum of abuse that will be looked into more distant as it is found the ~ly commonly abused. With research, it seems that ut~ solvents of abuse have a uniform mechanism of action- creating euphoria end dopamine release to areas of the brain associated with reward and addiction. It is believed that these solvents are easily abused and can cause great addictive influences.


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