Nearing the End

This above month has been pretty eventful as we are nearing the end of our masters program. Earlier in the month I got the opening to work with the habitat against humanity chapter of New Orleans another time, and I was also able to muster some Tulane undergrad students since I was working in a group with the sigma chi brotherliness. It was great to have not the same first-hand experience of the peremptory impact that Tulane University and its students get on various communities within the incorporated town of New Orleans. Our class also got the opportunity to help Dr. Mielke through his project that has the goal of raising awareness of serve levels within the community, how this may tenor people within the community (especially junior children), and the actions we be able to take to mitigate the negative striking which lead in the environment have power to have. We helped with this proposal by collecting soil samples around the common in order to contribute to the draw of soil lead levels which Dr. Mielke’s clump has been putting together to excite community awareness about the danger of taint lead levels

Earlier this month I was in addition able to drive out to undivided of the areas close to the city where I could enjoy some of Louisiana’ life-like habitat. This trip to Bayou Segnette State Park to prepare some hiking and running was regular on an impulse, but I was pleasantly surprised to supply that there are many natural preserves and parks in the areas surrounding the incorporated town. I also got to experience greater degree of of the city itself while running in the Shamrockin 8K trial of speed with my classmate Travis, and enjoyed the actual trial of getting to see a catalogue of the main areas of town on foot. 

I have also had a lot of important platonic events occur over the past month, including the NMBE that was one of the most significant academic events of this year. This was a successively gaining in force exam of all the material we have had in our medical pharmacology run after throughout this program. I feel like this exam allowed us to perceive the worth of how much we have learned immersing the past year, and gave us a dexterous understanding of how this material desire help us develop as medical professionals in anything soever field we choose. We also had some other Cell Control course exam, which included a lot of subject matter that required us to put concepts we have already learned in command to get a better understanding of that which would be tested on. I experience as if both of these exams and the material on them showed me how a great quantity I have progressed over the out of the reach of year and the things I receive learned that will have a direct impact on my development as a of the healing art professional. 

Community Service:

Habitat beneficial to Humanity of New Orleans- 8 Hours

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