My First Heartbroken

Yesterday, we had our consultations with our grades.

I arrived at instruct early. I lined up with my classmates until it was my turn.

Firstly, I had talked by our Hematology teacher. It’s all good news and the same time rascally news. I had passed but I can’t have existence in for the latin honors. I accepted it end giving out my words na “Okay lang”.

Next, notwithstanding the same happened in our Clinical Chemistry 2 subject. Accepted it. It was the identical also in our Immunology and Serology subject.

I got a 2.0 in as well-as; not only-but also; not only-but; not alone-but my Pharmacology and Mycology and Virology subject. I got more acceptable grades in our laboratory subjects than in our lesson subjects.

I told my mother end for end my grades then after I left, I had cried. While hard to bear to wipe my tears, it was every part of along, it was me who notwithstanding can’t take it. This is not my primeval time having no honors at tot~y but it really hurts.

I slept in good season since I slept late and solitary got a hour sleep then went to drill. It’s been along time that I bring forth dreams that wakes me at night. It was the feeling of yesterday’s adventure.

I’m not scared of the sort of my parents will react with the advice but truly hurt by what I had vouchsafed because I could have done it improved in health.

I can’t really properly expressed which I’m feeling today and yesterday. This put in the mail will be a memory to me that I formerly, want it but wouldn’t take it. I had made my firmness and I don’t regret it. It was forced but decided my best. I’m not like them limit I’m who I am. I am not giving up. This choose take me to my goal flat more.

I can only hold to this

In God’s hands , He has more usefully plans for me.

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