MSII Block 5 Exams: Ob/Gyn, Hem/Onc, Psychiatry

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Happy Easter (although it is all but over)! I just returned from an Easter potluck with a few classmates. Just being of the cl~s who we were leaving, huge hail stones began raining the floor! Photos to be released in a futurity post.

Today’s post summarizes the Block 5 exam in addition obstetrics/gynecology, hematology/oncology, and psychiatry. The exam was truly all the way back in betimes March, so this post is means by which anything is reached overdue. ><

March 7-11, 2016

During rudimentary year, a classmate gave birth to her baby boy (placenta abruptio!) in the heart of the first exam week. I watched in dread as she bounced back within a week and continued to soothe MSI (and now MSII) as a elementary-time mom, all the while retaining her honeyed disposition. Well then, I thought, there is no reason for me to find fault about the hardships of med seminary. Compared to her, we all be seized of it infinitely easier. So I checked my phase and swallowed my complaints.

One year and four months later, in ~ degree amount of positive thinking could motivate me through Block 5 of MSII. It was probably my least favorite period of med exercise so far. It included two of my minutest favorite topics: psychiatry and gynecology (I liked midwifery because babies are the best). The rest of my rank seemed to enjoy these topics, al~. *shrug* I found most of the momentous boring and relatively devoid of concepts, that made it difficult to draw logical connections from disease to symptoms to treatments. This meant a fate of memorization and no way to reason through a prompt. While my brain is considerably capable of memorizing minutiae, my bearing remained an obstinate barrier (“Why new wine med school be a crap-mode of buzzwords and memorization? *grumble grumble* Should have gone into research in the room.”).

My classmates were spared a great deal of of this incessant whining because I stopped attending chiefly lectures. This was partially due to my want of interest, but mainly because of sure med school politics and drama that I elect refrain from discussing.

CMLThis is a peripheral house smear from a patient with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). There are tons of basophils, eosinophils, and myeloid cells in altogether stages of maturation. It is indeed quite beautiful, huh? 

Fortunately, we moreover covered hematology-oncology this block, which I liked a lot! Who knew peripheral kin smears were so interesting. Unfortunately, smaller than one week was dedicated to this unit. I would have been elated to employ the entire month learning about coagulative disorders and madcap dyscrasias in lieu of antidepressants and antipsychotics.

Monday of exam week was a study set time. The combination of disinterest, demotivation, and stubbornness was a damage to academic performance. Procrastination was at its discomfit this block with almost all studying left to the time when exam week itself.

Impromptu Kimchi JigaeClean-out-the-fridge kimchi tofu bagnio. Yummm. Eating healthy and well for the period of exam week.

Tuesday was the ideal status exam (MSE) practical. The MSE is every objective assessment of a patient’s mental functioning during the interview. We were on these terms blank sheets of paper, watched a recording of a psychiatric sick person interview, and had 45 minutes to scrawl out a complete MSE report and conspectus. This included describing the patient’s ordinary appearance, behavior, attitude, emotional expression, talk, thought process and content, sensorium, depth, and insight. Within each of these categories a numerousness of details to address. For prototype, in describing speech, we assess length, rate, rhythm, volume, articulation, productivity, bend, and fluency. I learned from the MSE to exist more aware of a patient’s emotional predicament and pattern of thinking and feeling during any type of interaction.

Green Smoothie + Square DonutsThe bear is finally becoming warmer, so it is time in spite of green smoothies! This one has spinach, mango, orange, and banana. My classmates lover to bring treats for everyone and I everlastingly fail these tests of self-command. Breakfast sweets and lunch meeting pizzas…oh the fatness galore of med place of education.  

Wednesday was my Ob/Gyn personation. Despite their being worth the smallest part of my grade, I prepare considerably extensively for simulations. I dread the potentiality of standing in silence with nay clue of the appropriate next step at the same time that a camera on the ceiling records every panicked twitch. How humiliating. So I read Step Up to Medicine, First Aid towards Step 2, and Up-to-Date. I established my round of introduction, history, physical, labs and tests, and handling.

The patient was complaining of left be clouded quadrant abdominal pain and vaginal lose sap. It is funny how quickly I forgot my order upon entering the simulation lab. I neglected to call for about last menstrual period, which would bear helped immensely with making an earlier diagnosis. When starting labs, I forgot to regularity a β-hCG level! That is literally one of the first labs to acquire, especially in ~y Ob/Gyn sim! *face palm*

When my left undone history, physical exam, and labs failed to maintain my initial suspicions (STD, PID, or malignancy), a hardly any long and silent seconds passed ahead of I thought to order a transvaginal ultrasound. It showed ~y adnexal gestational sac. Light bulb. At that jiffy, I finally ordered the β-hCG and mumbled apologies on the eve my forgetfulness to the mannequin. I diagnosed the quiet with complicated ectopic pregnancy and sent her in quest of a laproscopy.

Despite my brief lapses in celebrity, the preceptor had very positive feedback forward my performance. He found my ordinary way fairly comprehensive and organized. He reminded me that the symptoms of clear-sighted onset lateralized lower abdominal pain by vaginal bleeding should place ectopic pregnancy surpassingly high on my list of differentials. Hmm, it may be I would have known that granting that I had been in class. Ahem.

Thursday was the last study day. Boy was it a stuff fest.

Bean burger salad with Tofu scrambled eggsSpring greens with radish, piquant bean burger, and tofu scrambled eggs through spinach. 

Friday was the Block 5 exam. I ate breakfast by my classmates, enclosed in a dark spot of perpetual doom. Never before had I felt in the same manner unprepared for a med school exam. The rudimentary block of 100-something questions was uncivil. It was heavy on Ob/Gyn pathology and psychiatric pharmacology. Pharm was a adversity; I felt I knew 5% of the answers. During the 30-memorandum break before the next block, I crammed pharm hardcore. For anything soever reason, it worked and I felt cocksure with most subsequent drug questions. This favor set also included a lot of Hem/Onc pathology, make acknowledgments to goodness. The last section was pharm essays, that were tolerable.

Not surprisingly, I scored my physical worst, but still passed with for the most part average scores. Pharmacology took the biggest good stroke, so I have to work hardcore on the side of the remaining weeks to make up during the slack. Fortunately, I am a great quantity happier and motivated now. 🙂

The value the exam ended, I headed to Indianapolis to lay hold a flight to Miami, Florida notwithstanding the AMWA conference. Conference post arrival up!

Jimmy R For most lower classes diabetes symptoms do not look extremely serious when they first experience them.

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