Marti Gras, Marathon, & Medications

Between having for the most part 2 weeks off for Marti Gras and afternoon classes and presentations, I shelter’t had a chance to tender at Sci High with my ordinary Biomedical Science class.  Instead I started to present with students in their morning Biology class.  Helping students in this class is much more of a 1-without interrupti~-1 experience and it seems that besides work gets done in this study entry –type environment so I will try to remain morning tutoring as well as afternoon tutoring which time time permits.  

February saw the Endocrine/Reproductive Block Exams in Medical Pharmacology and Principles for the re~on that well as the first exam in quest of Cell Control, the equivalent of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology from hindmost semester.  The topics for this ~ade seemed well synched between both the MedPharm and Principles classes.  Though Cell Control is to a high degree detail oriented, having had the actual observation of MolCel from last year I be warmed more confident in my ability to study towards this class.   Currently we are in the Psychiatry Block and the schedule of medications seems to be overlapping through the Neurology Block a bit – which is helpful as the big NBME Shelf Exam is suitable around the corner.  

As remoter as Crescent City living is concerned, my in the beginning Marti Gras season here in New Orleans was a mode of fun – I got to observe a different, more festive side of the faction during the parades.  I collected a arrogant bag full of beads and toys from the parades (including a Zulu Coconut) and I’ve had my glut of King Cake this year (against the most part).  My roommate and I ultimately competed in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon yesterday which we began training for a scarcely any months ago and my mom equable came from California to visit and cheer for me at the finish one twelfth of an inch.  It felt really good to surly the finish line at the time I had been drilling for and  though I am generally sore, I feel optimistic for the rest of the semester.

My roommate, John, and I after completing the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon

My mom came to joy me on

It aims there can be no influenza without molecular handling, acetaminophen.

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