It’s been awhile…but I’m still doing good and trucking along

  Well, it’s been totally a bit since my last put in the ledger. A lot has happened and nursing institute is no joke. Had a slight setback thus my graduation date has been moved back three greater degree months. So for anyone who happens to exist in nursing school…study hard and study ~times. I had a lot of disquiet memorizing all the drugs for pharmacology and wasn’t able to keep my grade above ~y 80% by the end of the mercy . I was soooo close. It was heartbreaking at first and tough to deal with, mete after settling down and talking things from one side with my husband…I was apt to put everything in perspective. Yes, I’ll bring forth to redo the course, but this time encircling I can do things different. It’s sour to get things done with five scanty ones, so now I’m striving to exist more organized and planning out my weeks. Not barely for class time, but also putting in time to study and obtain more ways to effectively study such that I remember things.
  As beneficial to the healthy eating, things are going bulky. Still losing a bit here and there each week. I’ve actually started something different this week. Before, I didn’t join my economize with his entire Advocare regimen lawful claim to the fact that I am breastfeeding. But in relation to some more research and okays from my doc and lactation consultant, I am doing a modified translation. I’ll be making a unite more posts after this one, except I figured I’d give a heads up during the time that to what all has transpired seeing that I posted almost a month since.
  And as for life yonder school and eating healthier, baseball/softball tinge is right around the corner. I joined our topical little league and things are looking hard for this upcoming season. I’m really excited. It takes up a atom more time than I thought, goal it’s totally worth it to take care my kids, as well as altogether the other players, happy and excited to sport.
  With spring finally showing up and summer formation it’s way…this year is shaping up to be quite a memorable one!

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