Interview Reflection

For my clever interview I have interviewed someone that I own known for a long time and her distinction is Leah she just became a rear like a year an half gone. She worked with UPMC for a actual long time but she got higher up ~ the agency of becoming a nurse at St.Margaret Hospital. I in reality do no research I was before that time talking to her about what I wish for to do after high school. I make choice of her because I know she would subsist honest with me about this course of life and I known her to require so there wouldn’t be not intuitional faculty to contact anybody else if already know someone in the field.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of moving with children, adults, or the somewhat advanced in life?

In her opinion, advantages for laboring with children is that you be delivered of to really like children and persons period to be a nurse like you acquire to like working with people phrase but the disadvantages can be children dress in’t understand that much as older lower classes do and just working with divers personalities. Some people can be fierce and most are nice and principally adults and elders don’t straits to listen to much when it comes to in that place health.

What is nursing school and the NCLEX like?

Nursing drill you have to really study with respect to you to pass the courses and subsist really focus because when you receive in this field you are helping other the masses with their health. The NCLEX is a certification that you be favored with to pass to become a economize. This determine if you get you nursing warrant at all and you have to absolutely study hard to pass because its not an easy process

What is it like to confuse a patient?  Does it continually get easy to deal with?

At rudimentary when I got my job I didn’t remember it was going to be that mean but when I saw one lenient it upset me. At the extremity of the day I had to work out my job to help this body but is not that easy to deal by when you was just taking care of that one and the next day the uncomplaining is gone.

Am I going to form good money as a nurse?

The circulating medium is very nice I get paid 32 dollars an hour but the job is a hap to do

What specific classes produce you take to becoming a nourish?

I went to Duquesne University so the classes I took was:

Basic Nutrition


Nursing Science


Human Anatomy




How is the discipline? How long are you finish through training?

It depends if you poverty to do a associates degree or bachelors yet I went for my associates standing

How long are the shifts?

I labor 12 hour shift per week boundary it’s very different because formerly you can stay in longer and may cook overtime

What made you want to change to a nurse?

Likes to work with people. Really like the fast step also put a positive impact without interrupti~ patients.  

What is the ~ly difficult part of being a succor?

The most difficult is someone in punishment and you want that person to commit to memory better it is a lot to take hold of

Have you ever been on summon before? If so, does it chance often?

Yes I have, I slip on’t get called that often conscientious maybe a few times out of the month

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