“I long for to be a pharmacist!” – that’s the sort of I always answered whenever people asked with respect to my ambition.

I had the creative of being a pharmacist ever subsequently to I entered my secondary school, that is SBPI Selandar ( yes, I’m promoting my teach please know that it is located in MALACCA nowhere else ) because I fell in love with chemistry. That’s it. For more reasons, I love how the chemicals in the remedial agent works with our biological system in our material substance. The thought of it always motivates me to be a pharmacist.

Then, I continued my proceed as a student. Study all epoch long – no, I was precisely kidding because I slept like A LOT in class – and I hated the pattern of staying up. Whenever I maxim my friends were staying up, I would reply ” There’s no point of staying up if you’re going to be soporific tomorrow” yet, I was the person who’s head swung 360 degrees in class. After the tiring journey of studying and preparing with regard to examination, I sat in the investigation hall and wrote whatever I remembered for the time of my studies. With the help of prayers from the lower classes I know and my own, I current flying colours result. Alhamdulillah.

I opinion my journey was over. Nah, I quiet have a lot to do. Applied scholarships, stayed up doing essays by reason of scholarships and photocopied my certificates,I build that I’d better stay in reprove rather than doing all these things. However, the reality that I am not 18 until December comes did not help my vagary to come true. For UPU, I applied in opposition to Foundation in Pharmacy and again, alhamdulillah I got it. Later, (well I’m not certain which comes first whether JPA-MARA or UPU ) JPA-MARA offered a teaching for me to study in the USA in Science greater. When I looked at what major that I was assigned to, I was clueless. “Wait, the kind of? Science? Not biology again,” I whispered to myself.

Few months later, I entered a literary institution life – may be hooray!- and got novel friends. Even though everything is reinvigorated, my dream of being a druggist has not changed. After a small in number months, I met a friend of sap and the best part was, her sister is a druggist. I asked her about her sister and she settled that being a pharmacist requires you to remember the names of medicament and whatever. Listening to her fib, I decided to change my desire of distinction. I hate memorizing. So, I am going to pursue pharmacology! Pharmacology is a more especial major where you’ll be studying well-nigh the effect of drugs towards our body, not memorizing the medicines and whatnot and I am dexterous again. But when I checked about pharmacology majors on the Internet, chiefly of them are for graduates (vulgar herd who are taking masters) not undergraduates majors.

Finally, I intended to follow close Chemistry majors and here I am, pursuing chemistry majors in ADFP.

“They map, and Allah plans. Surely Allah is the Best of planners”

Quran 8:30

I realized that that which I have been dreaming of is precisely not for me. The One who created me has a hostile better knowledge about what should I hunt in my future. And if matter will change in the future, it’s not me who wants to modify it. But it is with His authoritativeness who allows things to change in events to come.

All I ask from you is to conjure for the best in our what may occur hereafter and may Allah answer our prayers by a better answer from what we expected.

Till that time, assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I am a 57 year good for nothing white female on home hemo 5 days a week.

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