Hey! You can still get that beautiful face you desire….

You ever wonder how your face seems to exist baptized with pimples, acne, blackheads and in such a manner on.
Well, look no further. Our lifestyles and habits are major contributors to this facial menace.
Firstly, the sort of is the underlying principle behind the complexion of pimples/acne/blackheads?
The hide has sebaceous glands which secrete oil to make slippery and moisturize the skin. This is a natural process in the body. But at what time the skin especially the face is craving drink, these glands secrete more than enough oils to combat this dryness in consequence of that in most cases creating what is known like a shiny skin. The excess oils in form clog the pores in the part causing irritation to the face. The body reacts to this irritation by forcing the irritants on the ~side by pushing them to the outside of the skin leading to that which is known as pimples. Bursting the pimples causes them to free from moisture out leaving scars known as blackheads and finally acne.
How do you prevent this from happening to you?
1. Make-up: perpetually wash your face after using a facial blow or cleanser to clean your external aspect maximum of twice daily.
2. Steaming: plough the waves tends to open up your pores purifying them from inside out. Wash your front with warm water before steaming to stop the dirt or oils on your external part from being absorbed into your skin. Ensure you rinse your face by cold water to close the pores back sealing in dampness.
3. Moisturize: using a good oil-based moisturizer to press together in moisture after you steam.
4. Scrub: in that place are so many home-made facial scrubs at a loss there which you can make yourself like the avocado work hard (gonna talk about this scrub in later write-up), yoghurt and so people others. Do this at least one time a week for the career woman or two times a week for those who esteem got the time.
5. Nutrition: the greatest number important aspect of all of this is your diet. Ladies, grant that you don’t eat right, in ~ degree matter the scrub, steaming and the whole that routine you carry out will not yield optimum conclusion. Nothing beats eating fruits and veggies. Drink catalogue of water to keep your skin hydrated in the way that as to prevent the body from calamitous to produce oil to lubricate the skin.
6. Exercise: particularly aerobics at least 150minutes a week.
7. Sleep: sleep well to keep your whole dead ~ rejuvenated. Worry less to ensure a well deserved rest.
8. smile: nought adds glow to the skin so as a beautiful and infectious smile.
Written ~ dint of.: Sarah Kporha -B.Sc Pharmacology (College of Medicine, University of Lagos).
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