February 2016

It amazes me that we are at the point of the end of our Pharmacology Master’s program, at minutest in terms of the major menstrual discharge: medical pharmacology and principles of pharmacology. This upcoming Friday faculty of volition be our very last block exam because graduate students. I can’t jar the feeling as if I require slowly lost touch with temporal awareness, and this is reinforced ~ means of the fact that every week we are faced by dynamic class scheduling and exercises that open to the view sporadically throughout the blocks. This program does not come the prototypical course scheduling that crowd of us may have become obliging with during our undergraduate studies, and I delight in it. It has constantly kept me in successi~ my toes, compelling me to stay up-to-begin with the course materials in fit condition to prevent falling behind, because very frankly, given the type of curriculum it is easy to do in like manner. Balancing the time for studying the material, participating in community service programs, and dedicating hours to scrutiny in the lab has not been some easy task, but I believe that I am acquired knowledge to adapt. I have been consistent in volunteering with St. Anna’s Medical Mission, and it has set off an integral part of my experience here in New Orleans. Communicating by and working alongside medical students and other practitioners has proved to be an eye-opening experience, offering a transitory view at what might become a substantiality in the next couple years. In review, I have experienced tremendous growth for the period of my time here. I have well-informed extensively about pharmacology, physiology, and hands-without ceasing lab research, while also discovering besides about myself as an individual. With the supportive netting of fellow classmates and knowledgeable quality, the program has been a advantage, and has further defined my craving to practice medicine one day.

Spring Volunteer Hours:

SciHigh: 6hrs

St. Annas: 12hrs

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