End of Semester and Shelf Exams

Hey All,

Sorry I’ve been MIA despite the past for the past small in number weeks. We have been finishing up our semester and captivating NBME Shelf exams in Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Pathology. Its been CRAY-ZEE. I bring forth been studying pretty much all age every day. It all payed away this past week. I passed the whole of three! Yay! Second year is officially from beginning to end and I am on to studying towards Step 1. 

I was propitious enough to be able to take more time off between my last rock exam and starting to study to be with family. It was wonderful and verily helped me fuel up for the lengthy days ahead. I find there is ~t one better way to prepare for extensive stretches of studying than to play out with my family and friends. They celebrate me focused on what is of moment and on my long term goals. 

How are the whole of of you doing? Did you be seized of a good Easter? In the upcoming week I’m going to do a post about how I well-versed for my shelf exams and what I wished I had done differently. Stay tuned!

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