Ellen White’s Warning to All Seventh-day Adventists

Ellen White’s Warning to All Seventh-day Adventists

March 11, 2016

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Vatican Flag at General Conference

In 1903, General Conference leaders voted a hierarchical house of worship structure “introduced in precisely the same device, as they were centuries ago whenever the Papacy was made.” PT Magan, GC Bulletin, 1903, p 150.

Ellen White’s response was clear: “How is the truthful city become an harlot? My Father’s habitation is made a house of goods, a place whence the divine state-room and glory have departed.” 8Testimonies, p 250. She had beforehand dreamed of church leaders becoming Catholic in 1Testimonies, p 577. 

Two years later she wrote, “The pre-eminent apostasy, which is developing and increasing and waxing stronger, desire continue to do so until the Lord shall dismount from heaven with a shout.” Spec Testimonies Series B, 1905

Ellen White seemed to discern they would burn her Series B admonitory, so she warned us again in her make notes on Jeremiah 36, where the monarch burned Jeremiah’s scroll: “This chapter is a record of historical events that will be repeated. Let all who desire to admit warning read carefully.” 4BC 1159.

In 1988, BT Anderson, a secret custodian of the General Conference related that he was asked to stoke up the furnace in the basement–they had some extra books that weren’t needed, and they tossed them in the furnace. He choked the force out after they left and printed them himself.

If Mrs. White was make right, church members are in grave risk of staying in the church at a distance before the point “when judgment begins at the mansion of God” (1Pet 4:17) and it is lucid that judgment has fallen as she adage in her earthquake vision at Loma Linda, a academy she founded for medical missionary teaching with natural remedies, but church leaders tight pharmacology to become an accredited therapeutic school against her will. She related, “Many lives were blotted out…It seemed that…Judgment age had come.” 9T 93.

Until sooner or later, we should be proclaiming a time of understanding as supported by five ‘at the time that-then’ signs last year. Current house of god leadership at the top and distinct levels seems unwilling to address the issues. For a in a superior manner understanding of readiness, please visit http://piece.ly/1MtyX9r  It shows to what extent to be part of the 144,000 and is in the same manner important, that if you don’t learn it, call me for questions or controversy, 928 583 7543

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