BIO Borja RUIZ & KABIA Teatro

Borja RUIZ (13-11-1978) is manager, actor, pedagogue and theater researcher. He founded Kabia Teatro Company in 2006 and he is its displaying taste director since then. He was limb of Gaitzerdi Teatro Company from 1996 to 2013. He has received 11 awards related to its ostentatious work, among them an ERCILLA AWARD to the with most propriety performance and also the I ARTEZBLAI THEATRE RESEARCH AWARD thanks to the book “The actor skill in the 20th century”. The main division is currently a main reference in great number Spanish speaking Theatre schools. Since 1999 he teaches unlike theatre work areas such as player training, body expression, theatre history and prescription. He has taught in the University of the Basque Country, in the ARTEBI Dramatic Art Academy being of the cl~s who well as in the Drama School of Biscay (BAI). His operate (performances, workshops and conferences) has been shown in America (New York, Miami, Brazil, México and Argentina) and Europe (Basque Country, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, England, Sweden, Slovenia and Serbia). He has published hundreds of field articles, most of them in Theatre Magazine. He has too a longstanding scientific career linked to Pharmacology, for the re~on that a lecturer in the University of the Basque Country and for the re~on that a researcher. 

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 Presse touching performance “Decir lluvia y que llueva”

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