Are You Stressed? Good.

When I woke up 9PM this night, all I ever muttered was, “I’m tired of this, God.”

“I am not equable giving my 100% in Med educate, and yet here I am, tired. Is in that place anything wrong with what I’m doing with my life?”

Then our study for Pharmacology turned out to have ~ing having some problems…err, challenges?

So very lately, I’m panicking. Like, for positive. It’s bleeding in my words right now.

Sana pwedeng isulat na intellect sa excuse letter ang, “Please absolve my absence. I just needed to fluctuate on the floor and cry. I was melancholy and frustrated. Like for real.”

. . .

In my a-protracted-time-ago post about de-stressing, I mentioned to what extent essential it is to find to what you just feel “you.” Tonight, I am going to confer about it while I do it myself at the corresponding; of like kind time.

Number one. Flip the fare.

I’ve been wanting to end this for real. And yes, you could definitely cook this.

Seriously though, you should pure learn to put your hands up and assume with much courage, “This is enough. I’m done with this.” I honestly apprehend and believe that this is of moment when one is dealing with accent. Not that you’ll walk absent from your (adult) responsibilities, but you discern, oftentimes you just have to blurt this extinguished and admit that you’re acquisition obsessed with wanting to get things transacted (perfectly), and you’re losing follow of why you want to track up each day.

You see, it is a new wine you never lose this sense of purpose each single day. I have experienced this countless times—waking up since the sake of waking up. And I perpetually end burnt out. Don’t acquire lost in busyness; do things with a purpose in mind…

So, flip the slab.

Number two. Talk it out by God.

In my previous list around de-cluttering, I missed to mention this. Or maybe I really didn’t entertain an idea of of it. But now, I am extremely much convinced with how this makes things and situations completely and significantly different. You could never go wrong while you lay everything bare in God’s hands. As abundant as we know that God completely knows what’s going in our heads and in our lives, He loves hearing distance us speak to Him—involving Him in our terrene lives, trusting Him that He’ll round our daily ashes to something fine, believing against all odds that what’s happening in us up~ now has something to do with the promises He has for us.

“For I comprehend the plans I have for you (I be assured of what I’m doing. I be seized of it all planned out),” declares the Lord, “plans to befriend you and not to harm you, plans to accord. you hope and a future.” [Jeremiah 29:11, (MSG) NIV]

But it is righteous as the Scriptures say, “What God has planned during people who love him is again than eyes have seen or ears require heard. It has never even entered our minds!” (1 Corinthians 2:9, MSG)

Number three. Your environment matters.

Fix your em~. Clean your room. Eat something dexterous for your body. Don’t be the cause of your troubles to sleep. Choose your friends wisely—rid out the toxic ones, spend aristocracy time with those who bring loudly the best in you. Be with your family. Find your home (reiterating this, for the cause that really, it is important!)

You be worthy of to treat yourself with much price and utmost importance. Do not till doomsday think you deserve less than which is best for you. You want it—you freaking need it, during crying out loud.

Number four. Take a peril.

This is your turning point. I don’t discern how exactly you have to prepare this, or when, or what it could in likelihood be. But you know that to positively find and have your much-needed make some ~ in. in your now-stressed-out life, you’ve gotta take that jeopardy. It could be a paradigm artful contrivance. It could be making that entitle to end things up—or moil things out. It could be going up the mountains, sleeping all day, moving out, turning right side your life in social networks against a long while. Anything, just execute it. Take that risk, honey.

. . .

Now I know that this list is incomplete and does not engird everything you need to de-significance or find rest or whatever. I’m candid writing it down to remind myself and hoping that someone deficient in there will find this if not full of help, even just comforting, for him/her to budge forward in life. I hope this could push you a piece to take that one step progressive. My heart goes out to you, much loved one! You can do it! You’ll occasion it through!

Peace and love,
— bonvoyagedoc

PS: All the underlined phrases are links which will bring you to beautiful places! I expectancy you visit ’em! (:

. . .


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