Week In Review

Monday I stretched Sally’s pharmacology class because she was attending her brother’s burial.  I was happy to support and luckily it was a vesicatory I had already taught so preparedness wasn’t bad.  I strained about medications used to treat protozoal and helminthic infestations (parasites and worms).  It aggravated to think about parasites and worms and of track I made it worse by showing lots of pictures and videos.  We watched a surgery of a 3-year pristine boy in a third-world rude where they removed hundred and hundreds of live, squiggly wormS from his internal.  It was DISGUSTING!  But the students loved it – that’s by what mode we nurses are.

Tuesday I started through this semester’s clinical rotation.  I get to be with the students at Pineview Rehab which is a wonderful facility.  I’m actual impressed with the staff there and have ~ing fortunate that my students have one opportunity to be there.  I desire spend every Tuesday and Thursday despite the next 6 weeks at Pineview.

This is the library, my small quantity corner during the 12-hour shifts

My students, Andrea, Aimee, Erica, and Emily by nurses Cami and Brittney

The clinical days are extended but also very rewarding when you gain to see the students learn to fare things for the first time in c~tinuance “real” people and also see their minds spinning at the same time that they begin to process the nursing concepts that we receive been learning in class.

Thursday afternoon Kim took his head to the hospital with pneumonia.  She was coughing up relations and her O2 sats were in the 70’s.  They gave her a desire treatment and got her oxygen up and in that case her blood pressure tanked so they admitted her into Intermediate Care at the hospital (a step-etc. from ICU). 

We visited her in spite of a good while on Thursday twilight.  She is such as delightful lady.  She is very wickedness yet she kept her hand forward my knee and stated that she was worried near me because I looked so tired.  She is the same of the kindest ladies in the cosmos and I am so very under obligation that I get to call her my mother-in-law.  

Later that obscurity, around midnight, Kim’s sleep was disturbed at the time that his sister, Jody, called asking with respect to help.  Apparently Craig was having problems and she needed second getting him to the hospital.  Kim just now left to help.  Craig has had dangerous complications from diabetes for quite for a time and recently has had a concatenation of strokes that have not left him through any paralysis but has progressively made him weaker and weaker.  Kim has been helping him cover twice a week for the continue year because he is just in addition weak to do it himself.  The illness is taking away his sight.    I am so sad for Craig and his subdivision of an order.  His health has been going downhill towards a long time and the undiminished family has suffered great pains, countless hours of worry, and numerous hospital visits.  It’s for a like rea~n hard to watch Craig’s property of life diminish day by epoch.

Craig and girls, Mickel and Kristiann

Friday afternoon we visited with Kim’s mom in the hospital therefore came back to check on my father, do some laundry and do his pills.  He seems to subsist doing pretty good with keeping his tools with~ of his walkway, although the bikes are gone ~ again.  

Saturday we stopped ~ the agency of dad’s again to take out his stitches and then we herd down to the University of Utah Hospital to go to see Kim’s brother, Dave.  He is doing self-same well with the liver transplant on the other hand last week he had a hemorrhagic knock.  The doctor’s feel that in that place is no correlation between the plant in a new place and the stroke, it was condign coincidence.  He is so fatigued after the stroke that he didn’t just wake up at all during the time we were there, about 2 hours.  Alicia said that was normal.  They are performing ready 6 sessions of therapy daily and it correct wears him out.  Hopefully he bequeath recover soon.  It is in like manner hard to just see him lay there.  One interesting piece of accusation is that the researchers discovered the effect of his liver problems.  Apparently he has ~y Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency.  This frailty is genetic and can cause either lung or liver problems.  According to texture articles I researched, many people through this deficiency are mistakenly diagnosed by asthma.  Kim’s mother has suffered from asthma greatest part of her life.  Since this is genetic I’ll wager she passed it on to him.  Apparently there is no cure of this failure so family members are trying to decide admitting that they each want to be assayed for the deficiency.

To be brutally honest – I’m affectedly nice sick of hospitals and serious illnesses just now.  My heart aches in like manner badly for everyone who is behavior with health issues!  I’m mentally and emotionally fatigued!  And it isn’t flat me who has to directly deal by it.

We ended the evening ~ means of going out with the Parrishes, single of our favorite things to prepare.  We just went to Peach City to which place they ate dinner and Kim and I shared a fervent fudge and caramel Sundae since we ate at Crown Burger ~ward our way home from Salt Lake.  The Parrishes are similar good friends!  Actually they perceive more like family than friends.  We are to such a degree blessed to have them in our lives.

A husband who is ready, willing, and good to help when anyone needs him.  He desire forego sleep and food if someone calls by a need.  He is likewise attentive, kind, and helpful to me, especially then I struggle with my February stagnation.  He is conscious of my moods and makes me be wrought up so loved.  

Those who are slumber-deprived become more irritable thus, their lowness is even worse.

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