✔️Their astringent to V1 receptors causes vasopressor personal estate

✔️Activation of V2 receptors in the collecting tubule increases moisten absorption 

✔️In the pungent intensive care unit setting, aqueous vasopressin may be preferred due to its short extension in time of effect (2–8 hours) compared by that of desmopressin (6–18 hours) as DI may be a transient clinical ground.

✔️Vasopressin can be given subcutaneously in doses of 4–10 units every 6 hours as needed for urine output exceeding 200 mL.

✔️Alternatively, a uninterrupted infusion can be used, as the moiety-life of vasopressin given IV is barely 20 minutes. A dose of 0.008 – 0.04 units/kg/twenty-fourth part of a day is usually effective

✔️If serum osmolality falls likewise low, the infusion can be stopped to the time when osmolality is restored to the ordinary range. 

✔️DDAVP is a synthetic figure of vasopressin that has less able (2000- to 3000-fold) vasopressor furniture than vasopressin. 

✔️It has a a great quantity longer duration of effect and is the preferred therapy in the place of permanent or slowly resolving DI.

✔️It is suitable as intranasal, oral, or IV forms. 

✔️The intranasal arrangement of DDAVP delivers a 10 g drench per spray, and doses of 10-30 g by means of day are usually effective. 

✔️The IV mould (4 g/mL) is given IV, intramuscularly (IM), or subcutaneously in doses of 0.5–2  g every 8–12 hours as needed. 

✔️Oral tablets (0.1–0.2 mg) in doses of 0.1–1.2 mg/sunlight can also be given to get possession of adequate diuresis.

✔️Cardiovascular furniture such as acute myocardial ischemia, arrhythmias, and hypertension have been reported. 

✔️Peripheral vasoconstriction may give rise to cutaneous gangrene. 

✔️Thrombosis is a self-same rare complication of vasopressin and DDAVP, what one. occurs as a result of increasing levels of divisor VIII and von Willebrand factor.

Reference: Considerations in Fluids and Electrolytes After Traumatic Brain Injury; Denise H. Rhoney and Dennis Parker, Jr Nutr Clin Pract 2006 21: 462

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